A Jolly Good Time in Sherwood Forest: A Play Review


Amber Gale

An entertaining evening. This image depicts the scene of audience members entering the theatre, bouquets in hand, on the opening night of the play, “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood”. This was the first live performance to be done in front of a large audience for the Drama Department after COVID. “I think it went incredibly well,” Pomposo said. “ I am so proud of everyone, and I can say for the first time in a while that I am proud of myself too”.

Amber Gale, Staff Writer

As I walked through the open doors into the auditorium, an exciting scene unfolded. Lights shown down onto rows upon rows of cushioned audience seats. A blue curtain was pulled across the stage with several spotlights focused on it. Two leafless trees stood on either side of the stage, setting the scene for the annual fall play.

The fall play is “The Somewhat True Tale of Robinhood” put on by the Buena Drama department in the auditorium Nov. 11- Nov. 13 and Nov. 18-Nov. 20.

I attended this comedic play on opening night, Nov. 11, and I thought it was fun, energetic, and lively.

Eventually the lights dimmed and the play began. Robin Hood walked on stage dressed in an earth toned shirt, loose pants, brown boots, and his iconic hat. His crew of loyal followers, the Merry Folk, surrounded him and the first act began. Robin Hood had a dilemma, he was in love with Lady Marian, but she was set to marry Sheriff Nottingham much to her dismay.

Through humorous banter, pop culture references, and oftentimes breaking the fourth wall, Robin Hood and his Merry folk devise a plan to rescue Marian from the Sheriff and his partner in crime, the “vain and repugnant” Princess Prudence.


I thought that the play was an interesting take on the classic Robin Hood tale, and the Buena Drama Department did a good job producing it. The acting was engaging, the costumes were time appropriate, and the sets were well-designed and decorated.

“I adore this script: it is phenomenal [and] it is absolutely hilarious. I feel so lucky to do a comedy,” Pomposo said. “This has probably been my favorite show that I have been in so far

— Elena Pomposo

When I went to the play I brought my mom, Annette Gale, along with me. She had a good time, and overall liked the play.

“The acting was done really well,” Annette Gale said. “They were having fun with the script and that was transmitted to the audience”.

Being the opening night, this was the first time that the play had been performed before a large live audience. Senior, Jacob Gill played the role of Robin Hood. He has had previous roles in the Buena plays of Our Town and Nuclear Family. He described how anxieties were high before the performance, but once the play began, worries were eased.

“It was really nice because we got to hear the laughs,” Gill said. “You know it works, but are you kind of scared because we have been doing this over and over again for three months, so by this point the jokes are not funny to us anymore”.

It was clear as an audience member that the actors greatly enjoyed being part of the play. Senior Elena Pomposo played Lady Marian. She was in Almost Maine, Our Town, and she was an understudy in Nuclear Family.

“I adore this script: it is phenomenal [and] it is absolutely hilarious. I feel so lucky to do a comedy,” Pomposo said. “This has probably been my favorite show that I have been in so far”.