Four sets, two teams, one rivalry: Buena spikes a victory


Broolyn Carrillo

Caden Nerida (left) and Mark Lee (right) in graphic for Buena vs Ventura boys volleyball game April 21. Made by Brooklyn Carrillo using pic collage

Brooklyn Carrillo, section editor

In the last game of their season, boys volleyball faced off against cross-town rival Ventura in a tense and hard match. With only three players who have experience, the season has not been all they had hoped for and the final game was sure to be challenging, both mentally and physically.

Right before the start of the game, both teams huddled together, cheering and yelling their school name as the crowd cheered along. 

The sound of sneakers running across the floor and the ball being passed around, even hitting the ceiling, was heard throughout the gym along with the cheering from students and families. Right away Buena started off well, having earned one point after the other as the crowd cheered, and even mimicked barking sounds for the school’s mascot, for each one. 

“They really, really wanted it,” JV Volleyball coach Kelsie Danebrock said. “They put all they had on the line tonight and it worked.”

Set one ended with 25-14. Spirits were high, but the game was not finished yet, there were still three more sets to play in what would be a challenging game.

Ethan Edwards yelling in victory over the first win of the night (Brooklyn Carrillo)

In the second set, Ventura started to make a comeback. However, Buena played as fearlessly as they could. The scoreboard, having been cleared for the second set, had fans on the edge of their seats whenever they looked over to see a higher score than before. Buena went on to win the second set 25-22.

Throughout the game, students would call out chants. “Here we go bulldogs, here we go” and “Let’s go buena” were two of the chants that could be heard.

The third set started with tensions running high. Buena took the lead,they would be bringing home a win no matter what the score of the next set was. If Ventura took the lead, they could turn the game around. 

The third set proved to be the hardest set Buena faced in the match, as Ventura’s score climbed higher and higher. Senior Moses Moreno, Buena’s libero, had a few saves, stopping the ball from touching the ground just in time which in turn stopped Ventura from scoring. The third set ended 25-15 in Buena’s favor, putting Buena at two wins and Ventura with one. 

“Pure joy is the only way I can explain it, it is just the best feeling, especially since I’m a senior,” senior Kirtis Tanii-Lund said.

Set four started and the scoreboards were cleared off. It was a tense back and forth match, but Buena climbed the scoreboard, and quickly, every team member on the court was giving it their all. Each pass was their best despite the exhaustion, with every point the crowd went wild in excitement and suspense. 

“They were tired of getting beat up,” varsity coach Jesse Martin said. “They  showed up and they played.”

The final passes were delivered while the bell sounded signaling the end of the set and game. The ending score with Ventura taking the defeat was 25-14.

The response was immediate, teammates on the bench and the JV team ran up to those on the court, students and family ran from the stands. 

“[Because of the win] I’m hoping people will want to come and play and see [that] it’s a good sport and that we have a good program here,” Senior Caden Nerida said. 

The gym had become full of yells and cheers as Buena took home the last win of the season against their rivalry team. Buena with three wins and Ventura at one. 

“Pure joy is the only way I can explain it, it is just the best feeling, especially since I’m a senior,” senior Kirtis Tanii-Lund said. “Four years they have been my rival. It’s a great feeling.”