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Sedona Brickley, Section Editor

Sedona Brickley is a first year Journalism Student with a passion for writing about what's on her mind. Hence why her favorite section to write for is Viewpoint. In the future she hopes to go to a university to study law and become an attorney or Homicide Investigator. These have always been a dream of hers, but she's not opposed to that changing as she also enjoys interior design and body art. Watching movies and true crime shows is a common occurrence in her daily life. Sedona loves going on picnics with her friends and enjoying their sarcasm and realness. Cozy nights inside are always close to her heart as well. She has respect for people who are confident in themselves, and aren't afraid to speak their mind and ignorant people with no manners tend to annoy her on a daily basis. Sometime in her life she wants to travel to the U.K. and see old castles and the countryside because the history there is so abundant. Some people who inspire her are her Grandmother and Grandfather who have taught her the idea of selflessness and have always been a steady constant in her life. Through journalism she hopes to spread awareness about some controversial subjects that other people may not find the most important or may even be a little hesitant to write about in the first place. Sedona is looking forward to joining the journalism team and can't wait for you to read her writing!

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Sedona Brickley