Refresh your tastebuds with “Bigstraw Boba” in Ventura


Sipping away with Bigstraw Boba, Ventura Calif. features passion fruit smoothie, Thai tea and strawberry tea.

Kennedy Herrera, Staff Writer

“Bigstraw Boba” has been serving boba smoothies and tea in Ventura County since 2002 and have over 100 flavors of boba to choose from. They now have locations in three different cities: Oxnard, Camarillo, and Ventura. At the Bigstraw Boba located at 5722 Telephone Rd Unit 13, Ventura, CA 93003.

Boba tea first originated in China almost 5,000 years ago and has traveled around the world due to its popularity. Boba is made from tapioca starch that comes from the cassava root. Boba tea is made using black tea, milk, ice, and chewy tapioca balls. The small tapioca balls are mixed with brown sugar syrup to give them a sweet taste and dark black color. 

Bigstraw Boba has everything from yummy chocolate peanut butter smoothies to brown sugar milk tea ice drinks. Bigstraw Boba is a great local place to get your fresh and delicious drinks. They offer everything from real fruit smoothies, traditional teas, over-ice drinks to blended coffee-flavored smoothies that include boba.

As you enter Bigstraw Boba you can feel the welcoming vibe and are greeted by the friendly staff immediately. While you wait for your order they offer seats that are covered with astroturf that make you feel like it’s  summer. 

When I visited their Ventura location I ordered a strawberry green tea, thai tea and a passion fruit smoothie. When I received my drinks from Bigstraw Boba they were colorful and appealing.

These are some of their drinks that I highly recommend:

The strawberry green tea had a very refreshing blend that gives off a great berry flavor with a taste of papaya. It was sweet but a little strong at the same time. It tasted like a floral tea with strawberry. This flavorful strawberry green tea delights you one sip at a time. It is the perfect amount of sweetness from the strawberry with a fruity and oceanic taste from the green tea inside. The green tea gives off a bittersweet aftertaste. 

I really enjoyed the Thai tea, it is my top favorite. Thai tea is sweeter than most teas because of the milkyness. It has a creamy vanilla taste that suits your taste buds if you are a fan of vanilla. This specific drink has a lot of sweetness and has a hint of coffee flavor. Thai tea has the right amount of sweetness that fulfills your sweet tooth.

This was my first time trying the passion fruit smoothie and it was amazing and I would  definitely get it the next time I go. It tasted very tropical with a mix of citrusy sweetness. It was mouthwatering and refreshing after a long day. It had a tinge of mango,  along with kiwi and pineapple. This drink had all the right flavors to make you happy and devour it.

These tea drinks from Bigstraw Boba were tasty and refreshing to start your day right or end your night. You can always expect a different taste in one delicious sip. You will enjoy the best teas from Bigstraw Boba. You’ll always have something yummy and new to try every time you order from Bigstraw Boba.