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Senior Adeline Anderson Signs to Play College Golf

Adeline Anderson signing her National Letter of Intent for Brigham Young University.
Madeline Marshall, Section Editor January 5, 2021

Adeline is the first student in Buena’s history to graduate early. She leaves us so soon to play division one golf at Brigham Young University. Anderson has been around golf all of her life. Her father...

Democrats Accused of Electoral Fraud

Graphic of Donald Trump and Joe Biden in front of white house.
Kevin Cox, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

Recently, some have reason to believe that President Donald J. Trump is gripping onto the title "President" due to his recent claims of electoral fraud. Trump claims Biden has cheated his way to victory...

Feeling anxious during Quarantine? Consider more time with your pet

Dogs has shown to statically improve individuals' well-being in a number of studies.
Jannine Lozano, Section Editor December 14, 2020

“Sixty- Seven percent of U.S. households, or about 8.5 million families own a pet,” according to the American Pet association in a survey conducted in 2019-2020. Studies show that pets can positively...

Mrs. Loughman and her English honors students participate in National Book Writing Month

Loughman and Levin providing lessons on story writing.
Colette Packard, Staff Writer December 13, 2020

English teacher Katherine Loughman is ecstatic as her honors students write their own novels for National Book Writing Month. During the month of November, using the website NaNoWriMo, Loughman and her...

California’s Reopening: An explanation of the reopening phases of Ventura County

This infographic shows the different tiers in California and what activities are open in each tier.
Brigit Fitzgerald, Section Editor November 17, 2020

Due to COVID-19, Ventura County is currently in the red tier, but should transition into the orange tier in the near future. The tiers represent places opening up more, including in-person learning. According...

Adapting to Freshman Year

Freshman Quinn Linker has his eyes on making new friends and playing football when returning to Buena.
Moses Garman, Staff Writer November 16, 2020

As we make the transition to another school year at Buena, we can expect it to be more daunting than ever, especially for the freshman class of 2024. Not only is this year online, but they have to adapt...

Mike Stewart strives through distance learning with the power of positivity

Mike Stewart welcoming his students and going over the math lesson of the day.
Galilea Velasco, Section Editor November 12, 2020

Not many math teachers would tell students it is okay to hate math, but Math teacher Mike Stewart does. “I know math is scary to a lot of students, it's villainized...my approach is to try and help...

What is it like to be a journalist in our dynamic world?

Journalists are on the frontlines to report on the latest news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sahel Schaab, Editor-in-Chief November 5, 2020

The role of the modern day journalist is arguably more important than ever. As our fast paced world continues to change, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest news. More recently, the...

Teachers adjust to many challenges of online learning

Teachers are hosting classes online during the 2020 pandemic.
Steven Ruiz Martinez and Moses Garman October 15, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are facing a variety of challenges ranging from technological issues to missing the face-to-face interactions with students. While some teachers who may have had...

College visits help seniors to apply for scholarships and college

List of date for college visits and workshops with their respective links during the month of October. The following link will work with VUSD emails and will direct you to the complete list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16HtLKEcR1F6GMDF1gi1rbLjWbKP1A9L72BeH8fBU-HY/edit?usp=sharing.
Jacqueline Magana-Chavez, Staff Writer October 3, 2020

   Scholarships and college visits provide answers to concerned high school seniors and their parents, before beginning to apply for colleges and universities. In previous years the school district...

Face Masks with Faith: A Video Sewing Tutorial

Faith Stewart, Staff Writer July 29, 2020

Students and teachers across the country can take this opportunity at home to learn new skills and do other activities to move the day along. Many across the nation are using this time to help those around...

Johnstone is off to a new adventure

Johnstone will be truly missed as he has been an amazing addition to our school.
Jacqueline Magana-Chavez, Staff Writer June 2, 2020

 Robert Johnstone has decided to retire this upcoming summer after teaching in the science department at Buena for a total of an amazing 17 years. Johnstone has taught many students throughout his years...

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