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A family enters the United States for all it gives. Liberty, freedom and independence.

OPINION: America needs to step up in order to provide and keep the children of the country safe

Kimberly Solis, Section Editor June 8, 2022

America symbolizes liberty, freedom and independence, but in the last few weeks, we have not seen our country live up to those ideals. America wants women to have children, but we cannot adequately feed...

Students juggle a lot more than meets the eye. While it may look like all they have to worry about is homework, there are actually countless things at play in their lives.

VIEWPOINT: Mental Health Awareness Month shines light on unhealthy academic pressure

Madysen Hawley, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

Throughout May, which is Mental Health Awareness month, the conversation around academic validation and the pressure placed on students' achievements is more important than ever. This dialogue makes it...

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VIEWPOINT: The plan to abort women’s rights is giant leap backwards

Sedona Brickley, Section Editor May 23, 2022

As a female growing up in the United States, I never contemplated the idea that women would still be discriminated against because of their sex in the twenty-first century. Yes, it has been proven that...

Buena yearbook from 1961, shows the fundraiser Slave Days.

Buena’s Past “Slave Days” sheds light on recent racist societal policies

Brooklin Barilone , Section Editor April 25, 2022

Imagine a school where female students purchase male students as slaves who must adhere to a strict dress code and rule book that declares the rights of slaves. The masters, girls who purchased the boys,...

VIEWPOINT: Powder Puff football is a misogynistic spectacle

VIEWPOINT: Powder Puff football is a misogynistic spectacle

Madysen Hawley, Staff Writer April 25, 2022

Everybody who experiences the world as a woman is no stranger to the casual misogyny in our day to day lives, but how much of it has truly been normalized to the point of unconsciousness?  Specifically...

vegan word on wood background and vegetable - food

VIEWPOINT: Planting thoughts for going Vegan

Sedona Brickley, Section Editor March 24, 2022

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I challenged myself to go vegan for a week in Oct. of 2019. I was hoping to get in shape, and be healthier. Having a history of being overweight came with...

Jan. 6, 2022 Zendaya posts trigger warning before season two premiere.  She warns her fans about the graphic and heart breaking content upcoming to HBO Max.

Glamorous Euphoria is not completely glamorized

Brooklin Barilone , Section Editor March 23, 2022

The show Euphoria has fans debating on how realistic the portrayal of the high school experience is, as many have commented on the exaggerated characters and plots of high schoolers like, the immense amount...

Do not worry if you are feeling insecure about taking off your mask, you are not the only one. Research studies show that there is an underlying issue. ¨Wearing a mask serves as a security blanket that relieves some of the social pressures that come with [the] fears of exposing flaws in appearance or signs of anxiety,¨ psychology professor at the University of Waterloo David A. Moscovitch said.

Opinion: Masks made us insecure

Kimberly Solis, Section Editor March 22, 2022

Mask fishing is the new Catfishing. Although it lacks the severity of lying to someone about how you look in order to gain something, the hidden aspect is still there. However, this is not including those...

Your adventure awaits: Things you can do in Ventura

Sedona Brickley, Section Editor March 14, 2022

Boredom is a common symptom of having a world’s worth of information at your fingertips. One easily forgets that nature provides the world with endless things to do, and adventures to explore. These...

Bark should be optional, to put the time towards a longer lunch

Bark should be optional in favor of a longer long lunch

Tanner Coatsworth and Kevin Cox March 3, 2022

There is only one time in the classroom where doing nothing, and being on your phone is allowed, that is BARK. The 30 minute class has many different functions such as various study halls, enrichment classes,...

Educating yourself and being aware of your surroundings can help you be prepared. For more information on shootings, check out The Sandy Hook Promise.

VIEWPONT: School security is not to be mocked

Brooklin Barilone , Section Editor March 2, 2022

There is a certain feeling of sensitivity needed when speaking about school shootings as it is not an easy topic to discuss. But difficult or not, students need to be aware and understand the impacts...

On the brink of extinction. Over the past 40 years, the monarch butterfly population has declined drastically.  In 2020, the monarch was rejected from the endangered species list, despite meeting the requirements. The US Fish and Wildlife Service stated that this decision was made due to some other species having priority. “We may be witnessing the collapse of the western migration of monarch butterflies. A migration of millions of monarchs reduced to two thousand in a few decades. “ (Xerces Society)

VIEWPOINT: Apathy could wipe out the monarch butterfly

Amber Gale, Staff Writer February 26, 2022

The spectacle of thousands of orange butterflies fluttering through gardens and backyards is an anticipated sight in Southern California in late fall through spring: the annual monarch migration. Now,...

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