Varsity girls soccer accomplished triumphant defeat of Dos Pueblos, 1-0


Tristan Esquivel

The Buena girl’s varsity soccer team during half time. The girls are coached by head coach Amanda Tewes, and assistant coaches David Vallejo and Trisha Butterbaugh.

Dec. 3, Buena girls varsity soccer took on Dos Pueblos Chargers from Santa Barbara. Both teams are in CIF-SS Division 3, Dos Pueblos ranked 42, and Buena at 17 the previous season. The Buena team debuted their new formation at this home game, and they found great success, triumphant over the Chargers with a final score of 1-0.

Just six minutes into the game, junior forward Camila Perez scored the first and only goal for Buena with an assist by junior midfielder Bella Castillo.

“I was really in the moment,” Perez said. “I was just trying to get the ball into the net. When I scored I felt relieved, I was very happy and excited.”

Another goal was attempted at 23:45 by sophomore forward Amalia Nolan. However, it was obliterated by the opposing team’s crossbar.

The crowd erupted in cheers after the first 15 minutes of the second half as junior defense Desire Lopez took down a player from the opposing team, and sent her rolling in defeat.

Nineteen minutes and a half into the second half,junior midfielder Jillian Smith of Buena and of Dos Pueblos caught air as they slammed into each other, pausing the game briefly. It was declared a drop ball, and two yellow cards were given as a result. Smith continued to play after the incident.

“The goalie had drop kicked the ball and I was running towards it,” Smith said. “The girl behind me hooked my arm and threw me backwards. Her head hit my shoulder and cracked my back.”

Through the game, senior midfielder Daisy Cisneros notably ran the pitch, making many advances towards the goal. The Dos Pueblos defense was quick to cover the beast on the field, however she kept returning to prime scoring position.

Their tactful plays allowed Buena to succeed in their first win of the season, making their current record 3-2-1. They hope to achieve more as they begin league games, and will go head to head with Pacifica High School in their first league game away Jan. 4.