VIEWPOINT: Finals after the exhausting pandemic?


Jaclyn Crone studying for the stressful finals that are coming up.

Since the school shut down in March 2020, after our first or second finals, the students who were freshman at the start of lockdown are now juniors, who have experienced the traditional act of taking finals once. This has led to excess stress stemming from finals week which is quickly approaching. The finals for this year should have a longer period of time to prepare students. 

Coming back to school from online learning, many students lack the know how and motivation it takes to study and prepare for exams.  Unfortunately, at home learning allowed many students to cut corners and pass by cheating on quizzes and tests. Many of these students are now ill-equipped to succeed on exams this year. 

Of course, not all students cheated on tests and quizzes during online learning. Any students that had a great or somewhat good studying routine before and during online learning wont have many difficulties this year for finals. They have a better understanding of how hard they need to study.  

I’m confident I can fake it until I make it.

— Oscar Gracia

Junior Oscar Gracia, he explains that he is “dreading finals” and does not feel prepared for any of his classes.  Although he added, “I’m confident I can fake it until I make it.” Gracia will take his time studying for the finals to help him. Unsure of how the finals will go he will try his best in all of his classes. 

The probability of seniors and juniors having a basic understanding of how finals week will look is better. These are the only groups of students at Buena who know what finals are like.  Sophomores and freshmen will have a more difficult time because the last time they took any serious tests was back in the 8th grade. 

Any students who are not as confident this year can do many things. You can see what they need to study for each of their classes, take their time going over everything that they have learned this year, all while following the basic studying algorithm depending on what works best for you . Fortunately, not all classes will be having a final exam, which will give students a small moment to relax before their next test.

Going through the process of finals this year will be a long adventure for many students. With the change of the school’s schedule from having six periods a day to two periods for three days. The schedule will give students more time to study for finals that happen later in the week due to getting out of class at 12:25 in the afternoon. 

The schools shut down right before anyone could take finals back in 2020. The juniors have not been able to have a real moment to study for a longer test other than a regular course test. Each class is going to have their own difficulties this year with finals. But once the finals are over take the three day weekend to relax before coming back to school.