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The Student News Site of Buena High School

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The Student News Site of Buena High School

Buena Speaks

Kick-starting your love life: buy a Valentine’s Gram


The on-campus celebration of Valentine’s Day is a beloved tradition hosted by Buena High’s ASB team that has students whipping their heads to the door, awaiting a Valentine’s gram that confirms their delusional hallway crushes. This year however, sales seem to have dropped in comparison to previous years.

No matter the romantic situation you find yourself in, whether you have no interest in a relationship, or you secretly text someone under your desk during class, we all know the fluttering feeling of being noticed. Nobody wants to be Grechen Weiners from Mean Girls, with the sick feeling of wondering why nobody bought you a gram. We want to be Glen Coco, someone whose name has been scribbled next to a bag of candy with a flower.

The Valentine’s Day wall of names personally assembled by ASB was successfully posted along the wall near the quad. However, students also reported missing elements of their grams, such as the flowers and notes, with some even missing the gram itself in its entirety. Unfortunately, the profit was initially very slow. 

“In the beginning, not as many people were buying [the grams],” ASB staff member, Jolie Guerrier said. However, each day sales began to pick up, ultimately contributing to support ASB funds towards upcoming school dances such as the prom.

“[ASB] is trying to start early with making money,” Guerrier said. 

From a student perspective, a candy gram can be an opportunity to reach outside the delusion bubble for something real. Sophomore Avery Buehner says that when it comes to relationships, it’s “the little things that matter”, and even something like a candy gram has her “smiling really big over something that seems small.”

“It really makes me happy, because it kind of proves that [my boyfriend] thought about me when he passed the table [that sold the grams],” said Buehner. 

As the year progresses, Buena continues to roll out new and fun celebrations of the many beautiful cultures and holidays to be celebrated on campus. Despite the imperfections in the distribution of the candy grams, it is an overall success of a tradition that we will be seeing again next year.

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Alyssa Angeles
Alyssa Angeles, Staff Writer
Alyssa Angeles is a sophomore at BHS and in her first year of journalism for Buena Speaks.

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  • N

    Naima DickersonMar 26, 2024 at 1:32 pm

    I love your charming style of writing, it feels like you’re speaking to me! I want to be Glen Coco