Live as if you had a year left


Jacqueline Magana-Chavez

Visual representation.

Jacqueline Magana-Chavez, Staff Writer

How much can one accomplish in a full 80 year life, let alone a year? Life is not just something we can plan. Life is about living to the fullest of possibilities and living as if we too, were going to die in a year. The movie Life in a Year teaches to make the most of the time we are allowed to spend with the people we love. 


Starring Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith, the love story of two teenagers, Isabelle and Daryn, begins when they are both attempting to sneak their way into a concert.  

“if you can manage to look past your own fears and everyone else’s expectations, the reward is your life.”- Life in a Year (motion picture)

After years of having his teenage life planned out on a board by his father, Daryn falls in love with a girl dying of ovarian cancer. He desperately tries to plan Isabelle’s last year of life, only to realize that he has no control over how and when things happen. 


The last year of Isabelle’s life was planned out to bring her happiness and to live to the fullest of possibilities. However, she had many morals to teach Daryn along the way. She taught him to chase after his dreams and that sometimes plans do not work, or they may not go the way we want them to. Some things you just have to take for yourself, with the sole reason of wanting them.


Many teens today struggle with the decisions they make for themselves and their future. For many it’s deciding on what college to apply to, or if they would like to go to college. As seen in the movie, some teens feel obligated to follow the plans their parents have set out for them, or some may fear the consequences. However, this movie attempts to inspire people to follow their own dreams, without fear of failing or disappointing those they love. 


Life in a Year presents us with topics seen in today’s teenage society. From a limit on a lifetime, to figuring out what to do with that life, it teaches its positive message that “if you can manage to look past your own fears and everyone else’s expectations, the reward is your life.”


In this PG-13 movie, it is available on Amazon Prime with a subscription $8.99-$12.99/ month , the audience will find a variety of sexual and drug content, as well as some profane language, all of which are subjects seen in teen life today. However, viewer’s discretion is advised.