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Buenas biggest wishes and their dazzling dupes

What our teens are asking for this holiday season
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The holiday season coming in, many high schoolers are thinking of what they want for the cozy festivities. Unfortunately, high school does not pay that well, so many students are left wondering how they’ll find the perfect gift while also staying in their price range. To help this issue, here are the top seven gifts that our Buena students are asking for, giving, or thinking about this holiday season, and the affordable dupes that come with them.

From Amazon trending lists to Tik Tok slides to our own Buena students, these are what most people say are at the top of the wishlist:

1) Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm -$24

These lip glosses have gone viral across many social media platforms, catching the attention of high schoolers all around. There are multiple different colors to choose from, including pinks, clears, reds, and browns. Seeing videos of people using these lip bombs has only increased the craze for these. 


Naturium Phyto -Glow Lip Balm– $10

This lip balm is an 85 percent match for the Summer Friday’s lip balm, with a 90 percent attribute accuracy and an 80 percent ingredient accuracy. Both are lip moisturizers, vegan, cruelty free, and reef safe. This brand is not only the cheaper option, but it has the same benefits, leaving your lips refreshed, and it comes in a bigger variety of colors.

Questions about how similar these products are? See this website for a comparison.

2) UGG’s Women’s Tasman Slippers – $110

    UGG’s Men’s Tasman Slippers – $110

These comfy slippers are a rising trend every day for teens all over! They are a cozy holiday slipper, perfect for the chilly nights and mornings. They are known for being soft, stylish and great for lounging, walking, or just showing off. 


VARECOLA Unisex Faux Fur Slippers – $35

Less than half the price, these slippers are just as comfy and cozy. They come in the same colors as the name-brand UGG slippers. Both have the specific design around the ankle, with platform options, and a comfortable fuzzy inside. Still stylish, although they are not the exact same. If you end up ordering a pair, make sure to check the reviews for the correct sizing.

3) Apple AirPods Max – $549

Most students love listening to music every day and the AirPods have been a hit for several years. So, most people want a pair of the new Max option. Noise canceling, sound enhancing, and stylish, it’s the perfect combination.


Srhythm Headphones – $53

At a much more affordable price, the Srhythm Headphones work just as well. They are also noise canceling, sound enhancing, and come in just as many colors. These are perfect for listening to music while doing homework, and are much more reasonable. Even the Airpod Pros or regular Airpods work just as well and double as a dupe. 

4) Carhartt Hoodies, Jackets, Shirts, and Pants – $45-$75 

Carhartt is a very popular brand that has launched in popularity over the past few years. Their hoodies and jackets are comfortable, warm, and perfect for outside. Trendy and stylish, you can pair a Carhartt jacket with the Carhartt pants. The jeans or utility pants are perfect for almost any outfit. 


Carhartt on Depop – $10 and up

After searching the internet for Carhartt dupes,nothing seemed to top Carhartt itself. On Depop, you can buy used Carhartt, still in very good condition, starting at $10. The same shirts, hoodies, and pants are all available for a much smaller price. It is more difficult to search for the exact things you want, but you can still find plenty of options. 

5) Lego Flowers/Legos – $40 and up

No matter the age, most teens are still happy with any legos. As of right now, the craze is the famous lego flowers, although it depends on who you are shopping for. Linked above is the iconic Lego Bonsai tree, which can be a fun activity to do with your friends, your significant other, or by yourself. You could either give the gift as is, or already built. It  is a beautiful gift and it leaves the receiver happy. 


Mini Bricks Cherry Blossom Tree – $15

Under half the price of the original, you can get something extremely similar to the name-brand legos. This beautiful set gives the same feeling as the original. You can also check out the brand for other sets and dupes.

6) Tree Hut Body Scrubs -7.99-8.99

These body scrubs are in high demand! They come in several different scents, from an iced coffee scent to holiday themed scents. While these do not have a dupe, they are already at an affordable price, and available at any Target. Anything less would not have the quality or the variation of scents. It is the perfect addition to an everything shower, stepping out with good-smelling, soft skin.

7) Nike Pros, Socks, and Slides – $26, $24, $35

Nike is a very popular brand that most teens enjoy. The women’s Nike pros are popular for working out and for sleeping in for most girls across the world. Everyone enjoys the Nike Socks, which are a subtle addition to the wardrobe that go with any shoes, including the well known Nike slides. Especially among athletes, slides are appreciated and an easy shoe to match outfits with. 


Pros – These shorts are the same length and very comfortable according to the ratings, all for  only $10. 

Socks – Although they don’t have the logo, these socks are the same fabric and length for $10.

Slides – This is a close dupe but it does not have the logo, and it has a lot more platform and squish, so it depends on the purchaser. $24

While shopping this holiday season, remember to look for the deals along with what is popular. But, in the end, get whatever you know will make the receiver happy, no matter what that is. 

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