Have no fear, college applications are no sweat, if you follow these tips


Ava Okun

The College and Career center is one of the many resources that students can turn to throughout the college application process. Their doors are always open, no matter the need.

Ava Okun, Staff Writer

As you grow up college is always a source of topic, and now as senior year approaches for many, students have questions.The questions that were once asked to many have started to reappear. What do you want to do once you graduate? Where do you want to go? What do you want to major in? Have you started your applications?  

These questions can be overwhelming, but luckily seniors and teachers are ready to share their tips and tricks that helped them get through the seemingly enormous process. 

“The process has definitely been stressful,” senior Riley Herteinstein said. “I feel like since I am in the top of my class everyone expected me to go and apply to all these top schools, but in reality I just wanted the best fit for me.” 

After doing her research on colleges Hertenstein has found that even though some schools might have a bad reputation, it could suit your needs perfectly. Finding the best school for you is what’s important. Researching schools is also a key component throughout the process and makes applying easier because you know exactly where you want to apply.

“The most helpful resource was Naviance,” senior Nik Shore said. “Naviance is a website that allows you to input everything you look for in a college, and it spits out colleges that fit your wants.”

Dzul recommends getting started on the application as soon as you can, even though you might be a junior now, senior year is just around the corner.

— Amaya Dzul

After figuring out what colleges fit you, the application process starts, and although it seems far away, it creeps up on you fast. Procrastination tends to be common within the process, however, waiting until the last minute does not make it any easier.

“Procrastination is definitely something that I struggled with,” senior Amaya Dzul said. “Although some of the applications are easy, they can be tedious and time consuming.” 

Dzul recommends getting started on the application as soon as you can, even though you might be a junior now, senior year is just around the corner. 

Some resources that can be helpful throughout the process can be found on Buena Campus. The college and career center is the perfect place to find help, whether it be finishing up applications or just getting started. Staff also offers a college admissions BARK during the school year.

“In my college admissions BARK we have different college representatives come in and talk about their colleges,” college and career advisor Natalie Debbas said. “I also help walk through the college application process of things like CSU and common apps.”

This BARK is open to seniors during the first semester and then opens up to the juniors second semester. This is something that is helpful and allows you to get an idea of how it all works, Debbas explained. 

Although applying to college can be stressful and challenging for some, with the use of these tips, the process should not make you break a sweat. No matter what grade you are currently in, anyone can receive help to apply to their college of their dreams .

“Everyone around campus is willing to help you, one way or another,” Dzul said.