5 items from Trader Joe’s to get you in the Christmas spirit


Bella Lopez

The perfect items to get you into the Christmas spirit and their ratings. My favorite of the items was the chocolate covered almonds, but what got me the most in the Christmas spirit while making it was the snowman cocoa bomb.

Bella Lopez, section editor

When Thanksgiving is over, there is only one thing I want to do, get ready for Christmas. I always know that Trader Joe’s is the perfect place to get me in the spirit with their wide variety of festive holiday themed items.

I chose 5 items that I felt would get buyers in the holiday spirit, ranging from cocoa bombs to advent calendars. I have tried these items and will  give an honest review on how well these treats will get you into the holiday spirit. 

Snowman Cocoa Bomb

During cold winter nights, I tend to find myself laying with a warm cup of hot chocolate in my hand, watching a Christmas movie and this snowman cocoa bomb is the perfect item for it. To make this cocoa bomb, all you have to do is boil a cup of milk or your choice of a milk substitute, then put the snowman in and watch as it just melts away. The snowman shape made the experience ten times better. After making it, I could taste the rich chocolate flavor that other hot chocolate doesn’t seem to have. 

Minty Mallows 

These minty marshmallows covered in dark chocolate go hand in hand with the cocoa bomb. While you are drinking the hot chocolate, snacking on or adding the marshmallow to your hot cocoa is the perfect combination. They have a nice crunchy outside with a soft middle. The minty flavor in these was not too overbearing and I felt like I could eat the whole box in one sitting. 

Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Creams 

The Peppermint Creams had a rich peppermint cream in the middle that was dipped in dark chocolate and adorned with peppermint bits on the top. These are the type of desserts where they are rich to the point  where you can really only eat one or two, but when you do you get this nice refreshing taste, kind of like York Peppermint Patties but with a twist. 

Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds 

These chocolate covered almonds were actually my favorite item so far. It is such an easy thing that you can take on the go, like if you were to go look at all the Christmas lights and just wanted a little something. These almonds were dipped in dark chocolate, then dipped again in white chocolate and lastly covered with bits of candy cane. I would say that even if you do not like almonds, you would enjoy these, but be careful because once you start eating them it is hard to put them down. 

Advent Calendar 

An advent calendar is like a tradition in a lot of households. It gives you the excitement of counting down the days to Christmas while getting a little treat along with it. While at Trader Joe’s the only advent calendar I was able to get was the Jolly “Joe-Cuterie” Board, which is not  as festive looking, but still had the same excitement any other one would have. Each day you open a little box with the day on it and inside is a little chocolate for you to enjoy. 

In addition to these items, there are many more options as well that will get you ready and in the mood for Christmas. I strongly advise you to go visit your local Trader Joe’s and pick some up for the holidays.