Be Real rises to popularity

Be Real rises to popularity

Natalie Miller, Writer

The New Social Media app, Be Real took the internet by storm with its different approach to typical social media apps. The app focuses more on showing your true authentic-self,  hence the name, being real, rather than a modeled, perfect image.

 Be Real sends out a randomly generated notification every day for when it is time for you to post your picture, making it unpredictable. The inconsistent times forces users to be authentic with their friends and show them a not-so-perfect side of themselves that is usually featured on sites like Instagram.

Junior Londyn Nettles noted the uniqueness of the app and says it stands out more than other apps. Another feature that makes the app stand out is that rather than just taking a picture from your back camera, it also takes one from your front camera at the same time. The two way camera shows your viewers what you are doing at that moment. When it is time to post you will only have two minutes to upload, if you do not make it in that time your viewers can see a little note telling them you were late to posting. 

 “It’s a breath of fresh air,” Nettles said.

On most social media apps, the main purpose is to grow your following and show an aesthetically pleasing side of your life. 

The app is more hands-on than most. To see other peoples pictures you have to post your own, it requires a lot of interaction with friends and their posts.

Be Real’s distinctive characteristics are definitely why the app has gained such popularity over the years. Let us hope it continues to grow, as the app changes society’s view on social media and continues to teach everyone the lesson that not every photo you post needs to be picture-perfect.