The Taco Shop Mexican Kitchen knocks tastebuds away


Brooklyn Carrillo

The Taco Shop Mexican Kitchen is offically in Ventura and ready for customers.

Ventura Village welcomed a new addition in September, The Taco Shop Mexican Kitchen. The restaurant lives up to its nickname, “The Hidden Gem of Ventura”, with its modern minimalist decor and authentic menu. 

As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a cook or a cashier, ready to take your order with a welcoming smile. The warm atmosphere will easily keep you at ease, with comfortable seating while you wait for your food, which may take some time as the food is made fresh. However, the wait will be worth it as the restaurant has received positive reviews from customers with four point six out of five stars on Google.

The Taco Shop has a variety of food on their menu, which can be viewed on their website, with options for everyone: Vegetarian dishes, seafood, the classic Mexican food and even chicken strips for kids. 

The Taco Shop Mexican Kitchen is a welcoming place with something for everyone.

Chicharrón en Salsa Verde

Consisting of freshly fried pig with a special green salsa, this meal is perfect, morning or night. The soft chewy texture of the pig mixed with the spicy green salsa will wipe your taste buds out. The flavor of the salsa is not overwhelming but it is not tasteless either, a balance that blends well with the pig. 

If you enjoy soft food with a kick then this is the meal for you. The prices for this dish will depend on you order it, as tacos it can be $13.95 but if in a burrito it can range from $10.35 to $18.98 if you pick the meat loaded burrito. 

Asada combo tacos plus corn tortillas

When in doubt, go with the all time classic and favorite, the asada taco. The combo comes with three tacos for only $13.95. The freshly made corn tortilla that is soft to the touch and accompanied with a roasted chile de árbol and slices of lime. The flavor of the meat lingers with each bite, not being overpowered by onion or cilantro. 

Shrimp bowl

This bowl is $15.55 and perfect if you are craving a healthy dish with seafood. Pinto beans at the very bottom topped with red rice, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, shrimp and slices of avocado to finish it off, it almost looks too good to eat. The perfect combination of comfort food and healthy sides. Each bite is a surprise, you could end up with soft gooey cheese melting in your mouth or the sweet tangy flavor of chopped tomatoes with red rice. 

Strawberry Horchata 

This twist on this classic Mexican drink is one you will not want to miss and is only $5.95. An enchanting pink color with a smoothie like consistency that is best had on a hot and sunny day. The fresh strawberry flavor is present in every sip, blending with the cinnamon flavor, the taste of both lingering on your tongue long after the drink is finished. 

Guacamole and chips

An order can not be complete until you have a side of guacamole and chips. Not only is it freshly made, but the avocado is present in every bite. Each dip earns you the creamy soft bite of avocado with the tangy taste of onion, citrus cilantro, and lime, blended together just right to make you feel like you are back in summer. This side can either be $4.75 for the four ounce or 8.95 for an eight ounce.

Overall, the food is more than good and definitely worth trying, whether the item is familiar or something new. The Taco Shop Mexican Kitchen is a welcoming place with something for everyone.