New teen paranormal series bites audience, leaves them craving more


Book covers from Entangled Teen Publishing

Author Tracy Wolff has created a new paranormal world for young adults, with the story following Grace Foster and her new adventure at Katamere Academy. Once Grace settles in, obstacles are inevitable for her. She is a target in the new world, and she must fight everyday for her friends’ lives and hers.

Imagine your typical paranormal love story but with a curve, adding boarding schools, royalty courts, and the sense of a twisted war brewing. “Crave” by Tracy Wolff will give you all of this and more.

The mystical series starts out with Grace Foster, a seventeen year old girl going through the toughest time in her life. Her parents had just passed leaving her with no choice but to leave her beautiful California home to live with her Uncle, Finn, and Cousin, Macy Foster, in Alaska. 

The chilling setting adds more depth and character to the book. As you are reading through the motions with Grace, you also have the added detail of her adapting to the dangerously frigid  winter wilderness, a harsh comparison to the sunny city of San Diego. Unfortunately, the cold is not the only thing opening her life to risk, she is also trying to fit in at a new boarding school for the rich and troubled, Katamere Academy. 

Grace finds herself unwelcomed, to the point of threat, by her fellow classmates. Most notably, by the cryptic Jaxon Vega who warns her to leave campus only minutes after she arrives. 

Her time at Katamere Academy sculpts into a deadly venture as she is forced to fight for her life and somehow still make it out of her senior year with a diploma.

Tension builds in the second installment of the series, “Crush” . This installment is unique in that it is four months missing from the timeline and Grace’s memory.  Due to the time jump, she has to track down what happened during those months and what that means for her future. 

Tracy Wolff has written the series in a captivating way, after Crave there is “Crush”, “Covet”, “Court”, and “Charm”. Charm is unlike the other book, as its main purpose is to fill the missing time slot between Crave and Crush . It is a book that can be read at any point in the series. Since Charm is a missing piece to the story, it can change the reader’s perspective.

I read Crave, Crush, Covet and then Charm, though after I had wished I had read Charm earlier in the series. I recommend reading Charm directly after Crave, doing so creates  irony. The reader will watch Grace try to uncover secrets of her future and past while people around her try to keep secrets of Katamere Academy from her. 

The story of Grace Foster and her friends is not over, at least not until the last book, Cherish,  which is available to the public, May 30, 2023. Then the loyal fans of Grace Foster and her troubled journey will find out if Cherish is the end of their story.