Bulldogs charge the chapel and take the win, in the 1st round of of CIF SS Playoffs


Shane Grajeda

After the game on May 6, the Bulldogs congratulate each other for their hard earned win.

Ava Okun, Staff Writer

The sun gleamed off the home plate of the Buena Bulldogs as their first game of CIF, Division 5 playoffs began. The bulldogs were matched up against Calvary Chapel and played a tough but hard fought game, coming out victorious with a 2-1 win.

“Opening the playoffs on our home field was nice, we wanted to give a show to our school,” senior Nathan Silva said. 

Going into the game the teams matched up well, both with strong players in multiple positions. Buena had a game plan right off the bat. 

“We knew that they [Calvary Chapel] had a pitcher that couldn’t throw that hard,” junior Ty Weeks said. “So our plan was to jump on him early, and score as many runs as possible.”

The first three innings were tough for both teams, neither scoring any runs and only a few hits. Finally at the bottom of the fourth inning the game started to get moving. The Bulldogs produced two RBI’s from Silva and junior Gavin Morales, and finally got some points on the scoreboard.

“Getting those two runs were key to how the rest of the game went,” Silva said. 

After the Bulldogs scored it energized both teams, as Calvary managed to score one run at the top of the fifth inning. This was the only run allowed as Weeks pitched up until the fifth inning, where he was then relieved by Morales.

“We have a special type of team this year, and I just want to see how far we can go.”

— Nathan Silva

Both teams battled hard the rest of the game, but neither could get runners all the way to home plate. 

“Moving forward we just need to keep doing what we’re doing,” Silva said. 

Since this game, the Bulldogs have continued their winning streak, beating Salesian and Citrus Hill and are just one win away from making it to CIF Southern Sections Finals.

“We have a special type of team this year, and I just want to see how far we can go,” Silva said.