Take me home, PinkPanthress’ latest masterpiece



“Take me home” album cover.

Mary Ward-Zaragoza, Staff Writer

Singer-songwriter PinkPanthress once again captivated audiences in 2022 with her new EP, “Take me home.” This record added yet another amazing project to PinkPanthresses discography by mixing elements of electronic, dance, and pop music that is reminiscent of her earlier works, while still being able to stand out and hold its own.

“I think it’s a very good representation of what she wanted to release and where her career is going,” senior Nathan Tauber said. 

The 22-year-old English artist released her first songs, “Just for me” and “Pain” in 2021 while still in university. These songs launched her into the spotlight, gaining their mass popularity on TikTok, getting her signed to the record label Parlophone and later, Elektra Records. Her breakout success also spurred a plethora of copycat artists, no one  pulling it off as well as she could. Later that year, she released her debut album “to hell with it,” which topped British charts. People were drawn to her music for her distinct style: short, electronic, pop songs that featured pop samples from the 90’s and early 00’s. 

“I love her other music. It’s great, and this album really builds on that,” Tauber said.

To follow up her success, PinkPanthress released “Take me home” in December of 2022, which was highly anticipated by her fans that were craving new music. The EP contains three songs titled “Boys a liar,” “Do you miss me?” and “Take me home” in her typical style, short, catchy, and unabashedly upbeat. In “to hell with it,” Pinkpanthress is still very new as an artist, which occasionally came through in some of those songs. 

She seems slightly unsure of herself and her style, even while still having a very distinct sound to her music. “Take me home” is truly the work of an artist who knows what she’s doing, and is confident in it. Her sound in this record is refined and strong. She seems self-assured as she experiments with new things and ventures into more intense electronic sounds.

Take me home’ is truly the work of an artist who knows what she’s doing, and is confident in it.

The EP has a strong start with “Boys a liar,” a song that explores the complexities of relationships, and talks about the fear of being perceived as “ugly.” With its catchy lyrics and elastic sound, “Boys a liar” is reminiscent of her earlier song “Break it off,” but dives deeper into relationship problems with a more distinct sound. Even though it’s a new song, “Boys a liar” is currently the most popular song on PinkPanthress’ Spotify, and the most popular track off the EP.

“Do you miss me?” is the second song, and similarly to the previous track, talks about relationships. But, once again, she subverts expectations and doesn’t deliver a standard love song. “Do you miss me?” tackles relationship problems, but is more about doing anything to have someone you desperately want, even if they want other people. Throughout the song, PinkPanthress repeats the question, “do you miss me?” because she so badly wants the other person to miss her, even though she knows they don’t. This becomes a sort of rhetorical question or mantra for her as she slowly reveals how the subject of this song has a love interest other than her. Although it has interesting themes, this is the weakest song on the record, as it gets overshadowed by the other songs with better melodies and lyrics. 

“Take me home” concludes with the song of the same name. With themes that are different from her other songs, she discusses the harsh reality of not staying young forever and comes to terms with her own mortality. 

“I liked her yearning to be young forever,” Tauber said.

The last track features a more subdued intro than her other songs, and has a confused, naive tone. This fits perfectly, as in the song she describes how she can’t yet come to terms with adulthood, and isn’t able to do “adult tasks.” This is most clearly shown by how she goes to the doctor and treats him as a therapist because she needs comfort,not wanting to feel alone.This is the best track on the EP, showcasing how it feels to fear growing up and wanting to stay young forever. 

PinkPanthresss’s sound has evolved to reflect her self-assurance, and it works perfectly with these songs.