Taylor Swift makes a “Bejeweled” start to Era’s Tour after Ticketmaster conflict


Viviana Avila, Staff writer

Grammy award winning artist, Taylor Swift, announced her Eras Tour Nov. 22 2023, causing her fan base, affectionately named“ Swifties”, to sell out tickets almost immediately during the presale, resulting in the TicketMaster website crashing, resulting in the cancellation of the general public sale

She’s performing songs from several of her albums including Lover, Fearless, Evermore, Reputation, Speak Now, Red,  Folklore, 1989, a surprise acoustic set, and Midnight, all of which are supposed to signify different points in her career, hence her tour name, “The Eras Tour”.

Over two million tickets were sold on the very first day and, due to the extraordinarily high demand, millions of fans were left empty handed. Frustrated, many even went as far to suing TicketMaster for unlawful conduct.

“I bought six tickets and spent five thousand dollars,” freshman Hannah Hawks said. “We were in the queue line [and we had] a presale code, [and] we were in line for two hours.”

Others who waited nearly eight hours for tickets, as result of complications with the TicketMaster website, did not get tickets. Many reported the website continuously crashed and they received various error messages. 

Annoyed with the chaotic situation, the plaintiffs, 26 fans who were unsuccessful in getting tour tickets, are requesting $2,500 from TicketMaster for fraud and price fixings and claim that antitrust laws were violated. 

Though the process of getting tickets was stressful and chaotic for many, those who did get tickets are beyond excited for Swift’s performance, where she will be showcasing songs from 10 of her albums.

“I’m excited to see if she does any setlist changes with the songs,” Hawks said. “[And] for the 10 minute version of All Too Well.”

Prior to the Eras Tour, Swifts tour, “Loverfest” was announced Sep. 27 2019; however, was rescheduled and later canceled due to COVID-19.  

Opening night of her Eras tour kicked off in Glendale, Ariz. Mar. 23 where she opened with “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince,” a track from her 2019 album, Lover. Swift’s tour consists of 44 songs and is about three hours long, being her lengthiest concert to date. 

Throughout her performance, Swift had a total of 16 costume changes, using remarkable transitions to change from outfit to outfit. Her outfits are inspired by her albums, such as the ball gown she wore when she performed “Enchanted”, from her Speak Now album. Many fans are getting inspiration and even recreating some of the outfits that Swift will be wearing.

With more tour dates approaching, ecstatic fans hope to see Swift while she gives them a performance to remember.