Are Healing Crystals Worth the Hype?


Sedona Brickley

A set up consisting of (from left to right) a sage bundle, a jasper healing stone bracelet, three heart-shaped crystals, and a candle.

Crystals and sage bundles have made quite the comeback on social media, especially on the pages of large influencers and chain companies like Urban Outfitters. Coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes these crystals can be quite aesthetically pleasing, and add a special aspect to any platform. Frequently advertised for their ‘healing qualities’ and ability to ‘cleanse bad spirits’ and some may say ‘bad vibes’, it is no surprise that so many people are attracted to them, buying them in hopes they live up to the hype.

I have even found myself wanting to purchase more crystals and stones, but I am hesitant. One of the most common suspicions is whether or not healing crystals and sage bundles are worth the type of recognition they deserve. 

Healing crystals are considered a part of complementary and alternative medicine, meaning you would not be prescribed crystals after attending an appointment at your medical doctor’s office. That said, do not be fooled by the word ‘medicine’ used to describe them. There has been no scientific evidence that I was able to find which proves they have any legitimate impact on our mental health. Yes, these methods have been used since Egyptian times, but currently no study based on the scientific method has shined any light on whether they  make a difference in our mental health. I was curious as to what my peers at school thought how these methods worked, or why people or they themselves  continue to use healing stones.

Junior Elena Pomposo, provided me with some input on this question.“I think crystals work because the energy that the person already has combines with the energy the crystal has. I believe the crystal’s energy comes from the earth,” Pomposo said. Unlike the majority who believe crystals have no effect on one’s health, Pomposo disagrees. 

”I definitely think so in a sense. Crystals can feel grounding and protective. Along with that, the act of cleansing a space and meditating has also helped with my anxiety and well-being,” Pomposo said. 

I have never believed in the idea of ‘energies’ and ‘cleansing’ or things of that nature. I do believe that healing crystals have an affect on us, but not in the way explained by Pomposo. Healing crystals all have a different purpose to them. 

In my opinion the stone serves as a reminder. It allows you to stay conscious about the issues or areas in your life that you want to improve on.

For example, rose quartz supposedly promotes love, trust, and harmony. Obsidian is said to protect against physical and emotional negativity. Citrine’s purpose is to promote positivity and an optimistic mindset about things. Most stones  are small enough that you could fit it in your pocket, or backpack and bring it anywhere you go. That way it can promote these things throughout your daily routine.  But is it truly the stone that’s doing the work? 

In my opinion the stone serves as a reminder. It allows you to stay conscious about the issues or areas in your life that you want to improve on. If I want to encourage love and trust in my life and I buy a rose quartz crystal,  every time I look at it or feel it in my pocket my brain is going to remember and continue to move towards that. It goes for any of the stones really. They sort of trick our brains into thinking it’s doing something when in reality it’s not. That way we can relax and not tense over things that we have no control over. 

The other issue I found when doing more research about these things is pricing. Although some are cheap, at only two to three dollars for a small stone, one can go all the way up to $20 for a crystal that fits in your pocket. Now, for some this may sound affordable, but when you’re a teenager who may or may not have a job, this can start to add up. If you’re a frugal shopper, this is not a bargain especially since there is no scientific studies done to prove the effects. I would be cautious of how much you spend when entering a spiritual store or healing shop, because small items add up. 

Junior Ana Leaseburg is a fellow student at Buena who is still exploring and experimenting with healing crystals. She still isn’t one hundred percent sure what she believes about them.

”I think some shops do overprice their crystals.  However sometimes you can buy rare crystals that are worth the money,  so I would say the money is put right back into the production,” Leaseburg said.  

In the end, it’s up to the consumer on how much money they spend, as they can’t force us to take something we don’t want to purchase. 

The hype on these healing crystals and cleansing methods completely varies for each customer. If you are looking for a magical solution to your mental health, I would be wary of spending your money on tiny trinkets and stones to fill your shelves. However, if you are wanting to be more mindful and are trying to make more of an effort to improve your thoughts and lifestyle, I would tell you to try these crystals. See if they work for you before you invest in them too much. Start small, and grow with them. At the end of the day, only you know what works for you.