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The Student News Site of Buena High School

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The Student News Site of Buena High School

Buena Speaks

Students want it until they don’t: Dances canceled due to low participation

Buena High ASB Instagram
The Instagram post that was uploaded to Buena ASB’s Instagram page, two days before the dance was supposed to happen.

Since the end of homecoming season, students have been complaining about the lack of dances at our school. In an attempt to respond to students’ wishes, ASB planned the New Years Dance and the Sadie Hawkins Dance in addition to the traditional dances: homecoming, prom, and senior ball.

After the two dances had been planned, ASB staffers were sure students would be satisfied, but shockingly, both dances were canceled due to low ticket sales. Students want more events, until they don’t. 

An answer to this mystery, among many, is the stigmatism that surrounds non-traditional dances, which pushes students away. The influence that friends have on students is so great that when one pessimistic opinion of the dance gets out, suddenly everyone agrees that it must be a bad dance too. 

When students request more dances, ASB members put in time, energy, and resources to create something exciting for students. As an ASB student myself, the tireless process to pitch a dance, get it approved by our advisers and admin, and then successfully execute it is only worthwhile when students attend. 

Furthermore, the school spirit this year has been at an all time low, as numerous school events are being affected by the diminished spirit and critical attitudes carrying over from the football season. Few students care about attending these events anymore, and it wastes the time of ASB students.

Students are ultimately left with 2 choices: Buy a ticket or stop complaining.”

— Naima Dickerson

Students are ultimately left with two choices: Buy a ticket or stop complaining. If only one person dared to buy a ticket, get their friends excited, and attend the event, they would be the ones to shine the light on the dim attitudes of others. If not, complaints should no longer be heard.

Some may argue that the New Years and Sadie Hawkens dances were unpopular because of their specific theme. However, the planning of the Sadie Hawkens dance was actually initiated and pushed by students. It came out of nowhere, even surprising ASB student sophomore Mia Martinez as the event snuck up on her. 

When I began seeing advertisements I was very shocked but I was ultimately happy that ASB was able to pass the dance.” Martinez said.

If students begin to set themselves apart from the rest, and be the first to buy a ticket, then ultimately more people will give these dances a chance. If students are not willing to do this then ASB members should not be receiving criticism for the supposed “deficiency” of these events. 

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Naima Dickerson
Naima Dickerson, News Section Editor
Naima Dickerson is a sophomore at BHS and is in her first year at Buena Speaks. When she is not cheering or planning an event for ASB, she likes to get Starbucks with friends, make playlists, and practice driving.

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