Disney makes magic with family Madrigal


Disney Release Photo

Dec. 24, 2021 Disney releases new animation Encanto. The animation features a magical Colombian family.

Brooklin Barilone , Section Editor


Disney continues to make magic with their new movie Encanto,” leaving audiences hooked for weeks after the release. After being released to Disney Plus on Dec. 24, 2021, Encanto has earned a 91 percent rating from Rotten Tomato critics and a 93 percent audience rating. 

The animation “Encanto” follows the Madrigal family as they face miracles and challenges alike. 

After having to flee from danger with their community, they are given a second chance from a miracle. The miracle was a gift in return for Abuela’s husband dying in order to save his people. This miracle was formed into a magical candle and house that grants each Madrigal a gift.

Maribel, the narrator and main character in the movie, is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz. Being the youngest granddaughter, she recently had her fifth birthday which is the day when they get magic from the candle, but there was an unexpected event. The magic candle did not grant her a gift, leaving her the only Madrigal without magic. 

The story then follows Maribel on her journey to find out why the family’s magic is disappearing. 

“We don’t talk about Bruno ” surpassed Frozen’s “Let it go” by being the highest charted Disney song in 26 years.

— Brooklin Barilone

Every scene is drawn out perfectly. From the detailing of the house to the vibrant colors. is filled with beautiful representations  of hispanic culture.

A noticeable detail in the film are the character’s outfits. Each is designed for their specific talent or personality. Tia Pepa, voiced by Carolina Gaitan, has a yellow, orange and white dress with small details such as lighting and suns drawn on her clothing to represent her gift, which is being able to control the weather based on her emotions. 

Encanto has made history with its spectacular soundtrack. “We don’t talk about Bruno” surpassed Frozen’s “Let it go” by being the highest charted Disney song in 26 years. It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and introduces each character’s gift, while gossiping and introducing their Tio Bruno. The song itself adds to the climax of the movie.

 Throughout Disney history, Disney fans have requested more diversity in their movies . They have critiqued Disney for colorism and lack of diverse cultures. Encanto answered this call and adds to the line of more recent culturally diverse Disney movies such as “Raya the Last Dragon,” “CoCo” and more. 

Encanto is a Colombian based animation that is filled with culture. They made sure to include Afro-latinos, as well as Latinos with both light and dark complexions. Encanto proved itself to be a great step towards more diversity in disney’s movies as well as a showcase of their animation skills. Encanto is a great example of what Disney can do in the future. Their animations continue to get better and better. The movie is definitely worth watching, it keeps you entertained, on the edge of your seat, while adding musical details for smooth transitions.