Senior Adeline Anderson Signs to Play College Golf


Submitted by Adeline Anderson

Adeline Anderson signing her National Letter of Intent for Brigham Young University.

Madeline Marshall, Section Editor

Adeline is the first student in Buena’s history to graduate early. She leaves us so soon to play division one golf at Brigham Young University.

Anderson has been around golf all of her life. Her father introduced it to her when she was two years old. She only started playing competitively during the eighth grade year, which is considerably late for starting competitive golf. 

“I was actually in contact with the BYU coach in eighth grade. Once I started high school, the coach couldn’t talk to me until June 15th after my sophomore year,” Anderson said. 

Brigham Young University, located in Provo, Utah, won the National titles in 2016, 2017, and 2018. The golf coach at BYU has had their eye on Anderson for a while. 

“You still need to talk to other schools as a backup plan. [Brigham Young University] always wanted me so it was kind of nice,” Anderson said. What Anderson is most excited about playing for BYU is traveling with the team and creating more friendships than her current circle of friends.

Since Anderson started playing so young, it became something that her family could enjoy. Now, all of her family plays golf except for her mother. 

You still need to talk to other schools as a backup plan. [Brigham Young University] always wanted me so it was kind of nice,

— Adeline Anderson

Her mother, Christal Anderson, finds it very special that her kids can play a sport where they get to spend so much time with their dad. 

“Growing up on the golf course, Adeline and all of my children learned how to interact with adults and be respectful.” Christal said.

Anderson has not yet been able to visit the BYU campus, but her mother did go check it out. While she was there, she knew that it was the right school for her daughter and that she would be able to create great friendships with the team.

Other highlights in her golf career so far include hitting at hole in one at Riverridge, and when she won the longest drive contest in a Louisiana tournament this November where she was in front of hundreds of people watching her.

“They are probably one of the closest friendships I have,” Anderson said.

In all of Anderson’s time playing the sport she shared some special memories, one with her sister at a tournament that they played together where they both hit their personal best, scoring a combined score of 63.

It is undetermined exactly when Anderson will start school at BYU due to Covid-19, even though she will be graduating from Buena on Dec. 18. 2020.Playing golf for Buena has created many special memories and friendships for Anderson, and the Buena community congratulates Anderson on her accomplishments and wishes her the best of luck in the future.