Democrats Accused of Electoral Fraud


Created by Kevin Cox

Graphic of Donald Trump and Joe Biden in front of white house.

Kevin Cox, Staff Writer

Recently, some have reason to believe that President Donald J. Trump is gripping onto the title “President” due to his recent claims of electoral fraud. Trump claims Biden has cheated his way to victory and demands a recount in four states. Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pittsburg are all the states that Trump believes are stealing his election.

The common argument that Trump has made regarding this situation is that when election night was over he was winning, it was only days later that mass Biden votes were counted giving Biden the lead. He also claims because of glitches in the voting machines, there is clear proof of cheating among the Democratic party. However, none of these are proven to be true or false. Trump’s team has filed litigation in four states and hopes to stop the votes from being counted.

“If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” Trump said.

Democrats usually attempt to debunk Trump’s claim of electoral fraud by mentioning that Trump had told all of his supporters to attend in person voting rather than mail-in votes, making it the reason why there is a severe lack of Trump votes within the mail-in ballots that were counted after election night.

“I think it’s important to allow Trump to continue with his case on electoral fraud,” junior Eric Sonneshine said.If it’s proven false then let Biden begin his presidency. If not then the Democrats that were behind it are in trouble.”

In a recently conducted poll with over 100 participants, the votes were split 42% supported Trump’s claims and 58% supported Biden’s claims.”


Trump recently had an agreement with Arizona senate president Karen Fann and house speaker Russell Bowers for a mass reinspection of their election software and equipment. 

Trump has taken precautions because he has been used to electoral fraud accusations since his Presidency began in January of 2017.

 “Four years ago and during his campaign there were many cases made against Trump from Hilary Clinton,” Sonneshine said. “I think since they stuck with the Russian collusion case, Trump should be able to go through with his.”

These accusations were proven to be incorrect a long time ago but still people continue to accuse him of such events.

This topic is split among people and there is no clear winner of what the people believe. In a recently conducted poll with over 100 participants, the votes were split 42% supported Trump’s claims and 58% supported Biden’s claims.

The country remains undecided who our next President will be, but the truth will eventually be revealed.