4 apps to help boost your motivation during Distance Learning

4 Apps to help boost your motivation

Jacqueline Magana-Chavez, Staff Writer

Go to your settings, and check your screen time. Once you’re there, check the number of pick ups you have completed today. Check what apps you go to right after picking up your phone. Doesn’t that seem a little shocking of ridiculous to you? 

Whether you check your phone out of boredom or a different reason, instead of scrolling through and seeing what others are doing and accomplishing in their day, you should download a motivational app to feel inspired to start reaching your own goals and become those you admire.  

All of the following apps are available on IOS and Android.

  • Motivation 

In this app you can select what “areas of your life you would like to improve” and it will provide you with short quotes regarding that subject. The app will also allow you to choose a start and end time in which they will send you notifications containing quotes and as many times as you wish. If you choose to use the free version, you will have opportunities to unlock some of the optional backgrounds and categories by watching ads. 

Free version: Includes limited backgrounds and categories.

Premium: Unlimited backgrounds and categories, three days free trial and then $21.99 per year. 

  • I am

Produced by the same creator as Motivation, ‘I am’ has little differences when compared to the previously explained app. Both apps have similar features, including the navigation through quotes, the basic up and down swipe, and resemble social media apps such as instagram through their like and share buttons. However, they do provide differing backgrounds to choose from, but ‘I am’ has fewer options for topics, most which must be unlocked by purchasing the premium version of the app.

Free version: Includes some limited backgrounds images and broader topics.

Premium: Unlimited backgrounds and topics, three days free trial and then $21.99 per year.

  • Think Up

This app contains relaxing default music, however the affirmations, or quotes, must be self-recorded. Users have a variety of quotes to read, all sorted into different categories for which you may need help in, ranging from mental health to relationships. Think Up may not be helpful to those who do not like hearing the sound of their own voice as all the affirmations must be recorded before being played back to you.

Free version: Provides users with five affirmations and the default background music selection.

Premium: Contains 19 additional background music selections as well as the option to add your own music, unlimited affirmations, and an auto-stop timer. 

  • Always Positive 

Always Positive is daily posts of quotes with background pictures on them, making it very similar to Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, if you have an addiction to scrolling through your phone, this app may not be for you. The posts others share on this app, are not specific to any subject, and they, in fact, vary from religious postings to the kind of quotes used to make you seriously think.

Free version: Contains ads at the bottom of the page and camouflaged between posts.

Premium: No true premium version, but you can remove ads for $2.99.

   2021 ushers in the chance to better yourself and for you to become the person you wish to be. Now you may need some outside help, some extra motivation to push you through the challenges, and it is here for you. Just download the app that suits you best and wake up every morning to journey the path to your dreams.