Buena’s take on the Vaccine


Photo by Faith Stewart

Image of Anacapa Hall in the Ventura fairgrounds, which is being used as a vaccination site. Citizens can schedule an appointment at myturn.ca.gov to receive vaccines.

Steven Ruiz Martinez, Staff Writer

Buena is able to return to school due to COVID-19 with infections decreasing in Ventura County. The amount of people getting the virus have decreased so slowly that everything has been opening back up and is starting to go back to normal.

People have been following safety guidelines for over a year now which helps reduce the number of cases. The vaccine is  a large contributing factor  in a shift back to pre-COVID normalcy. The vaccines are available in the U.S.are produced by Maderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer. While Johnson & Johnson, the single dose vaccine which was just put on hold after reports of a rare blood clotting side effects, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine require Two doses of a vaccine to be most effective. It’s known that after getting a vaccine there are chances for some people to receive side effects. 

The Ventura Unified School District is not requiring teachers or students to be vaccinated at this time but has made vaccines easily accessible to all of its employees. Although, teachers at Buena have received the vaccine but each teacher has their own take on it. 

“I am still worried that I can be a carrier, and can pass on the virus to my wife and/or son who has not gotten the vaccine, I’m doing everything I can to be safe by wearing my mask properly, washing my hands correctly, and staying socially distanced as much as possible,” Social Science and Choir teacher Kevin Downey said. 

Downey feels that safety is a huge factor in life now, although he is vaccinated he is still following all restrictions knowing others have not been. Downey has gotten the pfizer vaccine and  is fully vaccinated.

Stewart giving a thumbs up after receiving her first dose of the pfizer vaccine at the Ventura fair grounds at Anacapa Hall (Photo by Faith Stewart)

“I honestly feel great after my first dose! I don’t have any side effects yet, so that’s a good sign, I’m hoping my final dose will be just as easy,” senior Faith Stewart said. After Stewart received her first dose she had a great experience and is excited for her second dose.

“My arm was sore and I had a headache, but I was grateful to not feel worse, since a few of my friends have experienced more severe reactions,” Math teacher Annie McGavren said. McGavren did have some side effects after both of her doses but happy the effects weren’t worse. McGavren received two doses of the Maderna vaccine.

“I got the pfizer vaccine because I work in foods and want to be more comfortable and safe,” senior Nathan Marquez said. Marquez still got the vaccine even though it’s not required for students but he feels safety is best.

“I think our safety measure will certainly help, but nothing beats getting vaccinated,” Downey says.