Varsity girls soccer take down crosstown Cougars in rivalry game


Jim O'Neill

Buena Senior Hannah Price throws the ball into play.

Madeline Marshall, Section Editor

Buena team captain Taylin Butterbaugh walked out into centerfield Larrabee stadium, while each of the teams huddled up to start the rivalry game. This is the second rival game of the week, the first being a win for Buena on Tuesday April 27, 2021.

The game started off with a great play by Ventura. A long ball was sent over the top of the defense and defender Sage O’Neill to give Ventura a corner kick, which was missed. 

 Ventura consistently held high pressure throughout the game, with very fast forwards as well as a well connecting midfield. 

Buena dominated the game, once they started connecting, it was hard to stop them. Star freshman Amalia Nolan set-up sophomore Abby Wood for a shot which landed right into the far lower corner of the goal, putting the dogs up 1-0 early in the game.

Ventura did not stop trying. After the ball had been in play for a while, Ventura was given a corner kick. Goalie Quinn Walker caught the ball and was pushed into the goal by a Ventura forward, and no goal was awarded but Walker was given a kick, Unfortunately that kick was given right back to the opposing team when senior defender Jocelyn Ortega came in for the save. 

The Second half began with some close calls made by the referee. Ortega had lost the ball to a midfielder, but came back and started to fight for the ball back. Eventually, she ended up on the ground with the Ventura player in possession and the referee gave a free kick to Ventura. 

Ventura then put in one of their fastest forwards in, this changed their game a lot. Nearly every offensive play made by Ventura was either over or through the defense for their forward to chase down.

Buena’s defense had a lot of action the rest of the second half. Walker had an amazing one versus one save against the speedy forward. 

“My favorite part of the game was that we all came out and showed up. I made some key 1v1 saves that ended in a shutout and was super stoked on that,” Walker said.

After a few more close shots by Ventura and great saves by Walker, the final whistle blew and Buena went home with a final score of 1-0 and two wins against their rivals.

“It’s hard to describe unless you’ve been in that type of environment, but it’s really about absorbing those extra emotions and pressures and the crowd and benches and everything else that is going on and still being able to perform and come out on top,” Varsity head coach Amanda Tewes said.

For nine seniors, this was their last rival game in their high school careers. It was an emotional win for the coaches and the seniors.

“I am going to miss playing for Buena Soccer most because being a student athlete holds you to a different standard, it makes you work just as hard in the classroom as you do on the field,” Walker said. “I will also miss the Buena Ventura games and the rivalry game mindset it puts you in. It’s a game like no other as well as a feeling like no other when you step onto the field of a rivalry game that is your only focus in the world just to be in that moment.”

Leadership is a key element in any sport, but these seniors are great role models for future players. 

“Not only are each of them great leaders in their own ways, they are  all very kind and supportive to all of their teammates which I think goes a long way for the other girls and will help them be to be kind and uplifting while also being strong and capable leaders in their years to come in the program,” Tewes said.