ACT offered at Buena despite not being required for college


Anthony Gose, Section Editor

The SAT and ACT have been essential in the college application process, but universities in California have changed the requirements. In May 2020, the University of California Board of Regents voted to stop requiring SAT and ACT scores for admission. However, Buena will host its ACT testing June 12, providing the opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and help them keep their options open after high school.

Used for college admissions, the ACT was one required of the standardized tests used, along with the SAT,  as entrance exams for universities. The ACT is different from the SAT as it contains a science section, where the SAT does not. The ACT is composed of four sections: english, reading, math, and science, with an additional fifth section of writing that is optional.

U.S. schools decided to stop requiring standardized test scores in an attempt to make the application process more fair. In response to the discussion that standardized tests are not an effective way to admit students, UC schools are taking a “blind test” approach, admitting and evaluating applicants based on their GPA and extracurricular activities, rather than test scores. The decision did not come out of the blue, the UC board began to shift away from the SAT and ACT, researching how it would affect students back in 2018. 

Although some universities no longer require SAT or ACT examination results upon application, others still do. For colleges who don’t require test scores, students can still include their SAT and ACT scores, with no harm done to their application. Not only can the ACT help with college admission, but the ACT can help with college tuition. Average or above-average ACT scores can place students in the running for opportunities like the Coca-cola scholarship or the Burger King scholarship, worth $3 million to $4 million.

Students who are registered to take the ACT at Buena are recommended to show up at 7:30 prior to check-in. The materials required are several #2 pencils, a calculator, snacks, water, and the student’s admission ticket, with a good night sleep and a hearty breakfast also recommended. Testers should refrain from nervousness, as they are taking an extra step in their education.