Venom: Let There be a Movie Review


A google drawing of Venom Art by: Brooklyn Carrillo

Brooklyn Carrillo, section editor

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” brings the story of Eddie Brock/Venom back to the big screens, kicking off the month of horror starting Oct. 1. 

This action packed sci-fi sequel is directed by Andy Serkis, an actor that has appeared in the marvel cinematic universe as the character Klaw in “Black Panther”. The writers of this new film are Kelly Marcel and Tom Hardy. Hardy also has the lead as Venom/Eddie. 

Hardy is not the only returning cast member, Michelle Williams and Reid Scott are both returning as Anne Weying and Dr. Dan Lewis as well. The audience is also introduced to a few new characters  including Woody Harrelson of theHunger Games series. 

The movie was rated 60 percent by Rotten Tomatoes, 6.5/10 by IMDb and 86 percent of Google users liked the movie. Overall, reviews left comments such as, “amazing” and even “a significant improvement.” Although not all fans loved this movie, some wished there had been more action scenes and that the movie should have been “darker,”.

For those who did not see the first movie, Venom is not just any regular alien from space, he is a symbiote that survives off of the brains of others, preferably humans. However not many humans can host his kind and Eddie is one of the few who can.

The sequel starts off with a brief flashback and introduction to Cletus Kasady, played by the previously mentioned Woody Harrelson, and Fraces Barrison played by Naomie Harris. Throughout the movie the audience focuses in as Eddie and Venom argue with one another for most of the movie while Cletus causes trouble with Carnage, a red symbiote. However, what truly leaves fans shocked is the after credits special that teased fans about something that has not been seen in years.

Overall, this movie is worth watching at least once, if not for the film itself then for the after credits that left fans wanting more.

Throughout the movie it is incredibly easy for the audience to follow along with the plot. There were no surprises that confused the audience but there were still moments that left them in shock. The comedic timing had also kept things light while not erasing concern about what would happen next.

 The writing had greatly improved from the last movie as well, fans could see clearly what this movie is about and catch the character growth that happened from the last movie to now. Every character that the audience was shown was there for a reason instead of seeming to stay at the side for no real reason, which also helped the audience not miss important details.

The movie was also directed extremely well, the audience was shown close up of characters at the perfect time to tug at one’s heartstrings, helping the audience develop attachment to characters. The acting was also done greatly, it was easy to only see the characters instead of the actors and actresses and to develop connections with the characters as the movie progresses; the audience was able to get lost in the story unfolding in front of their eyes. 

Another thing that the movie did well was making Venom and Carnage both look incredibly realistic but still very inhuman. The details that were added to the characters and scenes is what truly made the movie so enjoyable, the size difference of height they had with the humans and how their presence brought fear or unease, and in Venom’s case, relief.

Overall, this movie is worth watching at least once, if not for the film itself then for the after credits that left fans wanting more.