Bulldogs show their pride during spirit week

Brooklyn Carrillo, section editor

The week of Oct. 18 through Oct. 22 was spirit week leading up to the annual Buena versus Ventura football game. Each day was something different with students and staff participating at least once during spirit week. 

Students and faculty alike participated in spirit week from Monday through Friday, each day a different event. Monday was “Pajama Day” Tuesday was “Anything But A Backpack Day” Wednesday was “Ventura Rivalry Day” Thursday was “Halloween Costume Day” and Friday was “Buena Spirit Day”. Each day gave students a chance to show off their bulldog pride in fun and creative ways.


Left to right: Seniors Jordan Moreno, Teagan Mills, and Marissa Ortega come to school dressed their best for Pajama day.


Left to right: Amaya Dzul and Adrianna Turrubiartes are two seniors that resorted to using a traffic cone and Home Depot bucket instead of their backpacks for day two of spirit week. Looks like orange buckets and cones are the new backpacks now.


Senior Logan Sylvester gets creative on “Anything but a backpack” day, this bulldog holds his school work and supplies using a stick and towel.


Dylan Ricketson and Haylie Vickers are two seniors who also participate in “Pajama day” with their matching pajama bottoms.




“Ventura Rivalry Day” was the third day of spirit week which had Buena students and staff dressing as the Ventura Cougars, wearing their colors.



Matthew Tanedo went all out for the fourth day of spirit week with his Halloween costume. Tanedo dressed as a rock star and even played music throughout the school day for his fellow classmates.