Marching band places ninth with percussion second overall in SCSBOA Championships


Samantha Oerlemans

PRIDE. Competing in the Southern California 3A division, Nov 20 at Ramona High School in Riverside, James Rumenapp and the Marching Band received ninth place with second overall in percussion.

Marching band fought their way through the season ranking ninth in the Southern California 3A division SCSBOA (Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association) with percussion second overall, Nov. 20 at Ramona High School in Riverside.  

Buses departed 25 minutes late with traffic “all the way through”. Aiming to arrive at 12:30 p.m., Marching Band arrived at 1:15 p.m., with one equipment bus arriving 15 minutes after. Band adviser James Rumenapp described the experience of arriving and preparing for the competition as “crazy”.

Crediting the group with “amazing attention” Rumenapp and the band targeted their attention on the warm ups, making sure everything sounded good for the performance slot.

“As we got onto the field, they continued that same energy,” Rumenapp said .

As for how the score is calculated, there is a panel of eight judges. In a marching band competition, eight judges score the band in a number of categories which go into a total score and the total score is ranked among the 12 bands that compete. 

In the history of going to SCSBOA Championships, it is the first time they have accomplished ninth place in their division, 3A. 

“That’s a huge accomplishment especially being in a higher division competing against more advanced schools.” Rumenapp said.

“3A is a very challenging field, it’s really competitive. There was 28 other schools that were vying for a spot at championships and we happened to make it in the top 12.”

— James Rumenapp

Rumenapp was “extremely proud” of what his students have accomplished. Calling it “a banner” year for Buena.

“It’s just one of their strongest years. I think the time away, gave people [the] perspective [of] what they felt was important.” Rumenapp said. “At least for the people that were here for the marching band, I think everybody wanted to be here and wanted to put in their best effort, and it really was representative of performances. Very proud.”

Foothill dragon but Buena bulldog drum major, Preston Ea, believes that this milestone is “pretty big” especially because of COVID. 

“I think we said six years since we last went to our championships. It’s been really great, because I know that other schools are struggling. With us being able to come through it, I think we’ve just done such a great job.” Ea said.

Overall, with the season starting at the end of July, having new players and people in a new instruments band took Buena to the championships and is starting next season back in the classroom with senior recruitment’s.