Concerts have returned, students are eager to attend


Maddie Marshall

Harry Styles preforming his song ‘Cherry’ at his second show at the forum Nov. 19.

The Forum was lit up with pink lights shining across its pillars. Feathers spread everywhere on the floor from the bright colored boas hanging around his fans shoulders. With his name in big bold letters across the top of the entrance, Harry Styles’ began the second of his three shows that have sold out in Inglewood.

Junior Abby Wood attended Styles’ second Inglewood show of his “Love on Tour”, one of the best shows of his tour according to his fans. 

“When he played ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ might be my favorite part because me and my brother were jamming out together and it was super fun,” Wood said. “It was such a fun experience.”

“When he played ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ might be my favorite part because me and my brother were jamming out together and it was super fun. It was such a fun experience.”

— Abby Wood

With many other venues reopening concerts to the public, The Forum has set safety guidelines for its visitors. A clear bag policy, a vaccination or negative Covid test mandate, and masks are a few of the measures being taken to insure the safety of any concert goer while still giving them a traditional concert experience. 

But the COVID-19 guidelines, while strict on the inside, were a little looser on the outside. With open air and several photo opportunities, on the walkway outside, fans were able to slip their masks down for a moment for photos. Although the shoulder to shoulder seating and the packed pit required masks on at all times unless you were eating or drinking.

“I think Harry played a good role by making it a point to say that at his shows you have to follow the guidelines,” Wood said.

Not every artist or venue required masks at all times. There were several factors that would determine if most would have to wear a mask or not such as whether the venue was indoor or outdoor and what state guidelines were enforced. 

“Mainly because the Greek theater was outside, people did not wear their masks,” junior Jilli Smith said, who attended a Machine-Gun Kelly concert Oct. 15.

Unfortunately,  the risk of Covid is not the only thing fans worry about. An experience in the pit is very different compared to having your own individual seats. The crowd is squished together and it is often easy for people to get overwhelmed or even hurt; The Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy is an example of one of the more dangerous experiences as several people lost their lives while dozens were injured.

One of the biggest concerts in the Los Angeles area has been the BTS “Permission to Dance Tour” at Sofi Stadium. There had been reports of people  walking into the concert, without Covid checks, bag checks and no safety protocols due to the poorly organized entrances. But fortunately that was not the case for every concert.

“They were checking vaccination cards or Covid tests and people were wearing their masks,” Wood said.

Many are happy that after over a year without live in person concerts are back, and fans are able to gather safely and enjoy the music and artists they love listening to. Hopefully the opportunity to dance and sing together will come again, but for now being able to see music live at a concert is sufficient enough.