Spider-man swings back to the big screens



Spider-Man No Way Home sign. Created by Choo Yut Shing

Brooklyn Carrillo, section editor

‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ was released to theaters Dec. 17 and might just be the most entertaining movie about Peter Parker so far with the villains many grew up watching coming back to the big screens with their own Spider-Man’s and appearances from characters already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

As of Jan. the newest Marvel film has only continued to gain popularity and positive reviews, receiving a 93 percent from Rotten Tomatoes critics and an audience score of 98 percent. The movie has also received a 4.8 out of five stars from Google users.

Before watching the movie fans should know it is useful to watch the previous Marvel Spider-Man movies to catch up on the latest plot developments that we last left off with Spider-Man’s identity being revealed to the world and wrongly being accused of killing Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and being the main cause of the destruction that happened in Europe. 

While it is not necessary to watch all previous non marvel Spider-Man movies to follow the plot, it is suggested if viewers want to have an emotional connection to some characters and fully understand why some scenes are more heart touching than others. 

Fans should also know that several characters from previous Spider-Man movies are returning, including Norman Osborn, known as the Green Goblin played by  Willem Dafoe. That’s not all, Andrew Garfiled and Tobey Maguire will also be putting on their own Spider-Man suits once more to join Tom Holland on the big screen. 

This movie starts with Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, struggling to go about his life now that his identity has been revealed to the world. While almost unbearable, the media attention reaches a breaking point once when it affects his best friend Ned Leeds and girlfriend MJ. In desperation, Spider Mangoes to Dr. Strange for help. If there is one thing Parker has been known for it certainly was never his luck, disaster strikes Parker’s life once more.

The movie continues with Peter and his loved ones facing many challenges, heartbreaking moments and hard lessons learned. While there is still humor in this Spider-Man movie, it could be argued that it takes on the most serious and emotional tone yet in Holland’s Marvel movies.

The newest Spider-Man film excelled in more areas than just the emotional impact it had on audiences. It also had amazing scenery that was created with CGI. The less human looking characters, such as the Sandman, looked as real as the human actors that stood with them on screen. The fight scenes were well-done, they kept audiences engaged while also still having a magical aspect and staying true to a superhero film. 

‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ is a film that brings the past and present together to create a story that takes the audience’s breath away with every turn while staying true to the story of Peter Parker.