Ben Nemtin brings inspiration to Buena’s juniors, seniors

Galilea Velasco, Editor in Chief

With the efforts of ASB and Photography and Web design teacher Ray Knerr, acclaimed  motivational speaker Ben Nemtin was able to come to Buena Jan. 12, to spread much needed positivity for the new year to students and staff. 

Knerr, who organized much of the event,  introduced Nemtin by explaining the reason behind inviting him, “to give hope and positivity” to the juniors and seniors. 

Nemtin started  the assembly with his personal backstory facing depression. Then everything changed. Nemtin and his friends read the 170 year old poem, “The Buried Life,” which brought along the realization of how we can easily leave our personal goals aside until we are faced with death. 

Having a newfound “purpose,” Nemtin and his friends went around fulfilling their dreams, along with the dreams of others. 

“By doing what you love, you inspire others to do the same,” Nemtin said as he denied the accusation of it  being selfish for an individual to  pursue their personal goals. 

Motivating students to discover the “unusual power that a bucket list can have”, Nemtin assured students that the impossible was possible when taking these five steps: writing your goals down, sharing them, being unstoppable, taking “moonshots”, and giving. 

These points resonated with students, one being junior Angela Aguirre, who thought “his overall message was really empowering” 

“I saw everyone getting teary eyed and every single student that I have come across has told me that they really liked it and it was actually interesting,” Aguirre said. 

Knerr was very happy to see this “miracle” of an assembly happen despite the COVID regulations because he also thinks Nemtin’s story is “inspiring”. 

“He makes you realize that you need to accomplish the things you want in your life because life is short and precious,” Knerr said. “I wanted them to remember that you can accomplish what you focus on”

Thanks to the assembly, Buena’s upperclassmen now have been uplifted and re-inspired for the new year of 2022. 

“His whole message was to live your life to the fullest, which I haven’t really done,” Aguirre said. “Now I’m thinking of doing things that I never would even think about.”