Buena students reflect on 2021, look to 2022 with hope


It’s the start of the new year and it is the start of a new you. Whenever the new year finally comes we all have resolutions to bring in to change ourselves. You may want to change old habits that affect your grades, mindset or other specific things. 

“I think [that] overthinking and my depression really affected me a lot in 2021,” Sophomore Cori Redman said, “I want to let go of my anxiety that I still have.”

Due to the pandemic and everything going online many people experienced similar difficulties, such as depression and anxiety, that still affects them now. 

Cori Redman

“Last year’s hardest challenges were probably doing the assignments and just school in general,” Redman said. “Some of the things I really want to leave behind [in the old year] is my bad mindset and bring in a good mindset for this new year.”

Redman will also be doing self care and practice being kinder to herself in this new year, she also hopes to create a stronger bond with the friends she made in the last year. 

Freshman Lukas Sandoval said he hopes to change some of the bad habits developed over distance learning when it comes to school. “I would tell myself when I do my homework ‘oh I’ll do this later in five minutes. Ten minutes later.” Sandoval said, “ And later I would realize it’s time for me to go to bed,”

Lukas Sandoval

Last year was not easy and while procrastination was something that often affected people’s life it had a bigger impact during distance learning. No one wanted to do school work when their bed or phone was just right there.

“During the year 2021 my hardest challenges were not being able to understand people. I am deaf myself and I listen and visually look at people’s lips to understand them. I can’t do that because of the masks,” Sandoval said. “So that makes me work harder just to understand someone in a simple conversation.”

The last year was challenging and while those challenges have not disappeared with the new year they no longer seem so impossible to overcome. With the new year there is a chance to start fresh. 

“My happiest memories from last year were just being around my siblings who have helped me a lot in my hard times.” Junior Lisette Flores said, “I plan on keeping these memories and hoping to create more with them.”

Lisette Flores

Everyone must have had someone when the pandemic started to help them along the way, whether it was your family, a spouse or a friend. It is really great for moral support,

It is never easy to change but it is worth it. so with the new year- throw away all the bad and bring all the good. Try new things and do what will make you happy and keep you ahead. 2022 is a new year for a new beginning