ASB spreads love on campus for Valentines Day

ASB spreads awareness of Valentine love and appreciation with simple yet enjoyable events on Valentines Day and by hosting activities, ASB has gotten students to be included and participate in various campus events.

Small events such as a valentines wall envelope by the gym wall saying “Happy Valentines Day ” on the front. On the side were scattering paper hearts that ASB wrote students’ names on. Hundreds of student names were written on hearts and which allowed students to take the heart off the wall if it had their name on it. Not only was there a wall for student names, but a Valentine’s Envelope for teachers that said “We love Buena Staff.” This was a fun way, showing appreciation and love for teachers and students.

ASB also sold valentine grams for three dollars. These grams were chocolate roses that were passed out during the third period The Valentines Grams was a fundraising event for couples, friends, and siblings to partake in and support ASB. Students could even send Valentine grams anonymously, saying, ”secret admirer.” Although small, receiving them had positive reactions.

“I didn’t get any, but my friend Elizabeth, she was very happy she received one. One was from her secret admirer and one was from her friend,” sophomore Sabrina Friend said.

ASB also hosted giving away free bundt cakes. Juniors and seniors received their free bundt cakes during break, while freshman and sophomore students received theirs during lunch.

“I really liked the idea of splitting the grades up so there wouldn’t be a big traffic jam,” Sabrina Friend said.

ASB celebrating Valentines, was great since it is one of the holidays not normally recognized at school. It was great to see how the small events hosted by ASB showed students sharing mutual love between partners, friends and family.