Lelyan Touma tutors others, makes a difference in Bulldog Nation

Sophomore Lelyan Touma tutoring  freshman Maggie Abdulhai

Tatiana Hernandez

Sophomore Lelyan Touma tutoring freshman Maggie Abdulhai

Tatiana Hernandez, Staff Writer

Sophomore Lelyan Touma thinks it’s important to always stay positive. Touma is one of the many people that helps make Buena a better place.

There are many factors to her happiness, such as family, friends, surfing, dance, volleyball, football, and music. 

 “My self-confidence is what helps me stay positive,” Touma said. 

She used to be very shy and would always be put down for it, however since coming into high school she has learned her self-worth. 

“Ever since then I’ve been super happy, because I’m living the best life I could ever imagine,” Touma said. 

High school has brought Touma friends that support her through anything, and knowing this brings her happiness and makes her feel that she will always have them by her side.

Sophomore Aileen Reyes appreciates how much Touma gets concerned when she is down, it makes Reyes feel cared about. 

“Lily has been there for me through everything, when she asks you what’s wrong you can tell she really is concerned and cares about you. She is the most loving person and I’m glad to have her in my life,” Reyes said.

“I always had trouble with school, and I used to have a tutor. She would never do anything to help me with it, so I wanted to be nothing like her,” Touma said. “I wanted to be someone that someone else can come to and get the help they needed.” 

Tutoring makes her feel good, and it makes her happy knowing that she is able to help someone who is struggling. She tutors 4 days a week during BARK. By doing this she can make a difference in someone’s school life and their learning.

“I want to be able to help someone so that they aren’t in a situation where they don’t know what to do or if they were too afraid to ask for help, then I could be there,” Touma said. 

Last year, Touma was failing all of her classes, she got tired of this cycle and decided to pick herself up. Now she’s on top of all of her classes and doing better than ever. She always encourages other students to do their best and keep going.

“Don’t give up, don’t be weak. You can do it and I know you can do it. Just believe,” Touma said. 

She understands the feeling of giving up and she has given up many times before. She encourages people to not give up because it will do nothing to benefit you.

“Take your time and be patient with yourself,” Touma said. 

Touma hopes that after she leaves Buena, she will be known as the girl that was always there for someone in need and the girl that would stick by your side no matter what. 

Touma’s English teacher Alyssa Soles said Touma gets along very well with other students and she is constantly supporting others. 

“I’ve loved getting to know her. I think she’s a really special person, and she has added a lot of value to our English class,” Soles said.

A quote that Touma holds very close to her heart is, “Be you even when the world doesn’t want you to.” She lives by this and shares this quote with many other students who are troubled by others judging them.