Nazaret’s reads her way through freshman year


Here, Viramontes is in the front of Buena with her friends relaxing in the grass.

Daisy Rios, Staff writer

Not everyone has a passion for reading, but for 9th grader, Nazaret Viramontes, life is found between the pages of a romantic love story. Viramontes reads to see life from the perspective of another. In fact, one of her favorite quotes is from author, 

“Reading helps me escape from reality, and it’s a comforter for me,” Viramontes said.

Her love for reading began at a very young age, she claims that when she was small and even now she has had a lot of book reports and projects, and her teachers would recommend books for her. She continues to read because it helps her vocabulary in writing as well as it increases her imagination. Her favorite genres of books are romance, fantasy, crime, and horror. 

“Nazaret is able to take an assignment in front of her and work her absolute hardest, and I admire that about her. Always doing what’s best for her future!”

— AVIDTeacher Heather Arrambide

One of her favorite authors is Colleen Hoover.  Viramontes loves how Hoover’s books spread awareness through serious issues through writing and gets readers hooked instantly.

“I love the way Hoover can make a happy story turn into a heartbreaking ending,” Viramontes said. “Yet have it be so beautiful at the same time.”

“All Your Perfects” and “Reminders of Him” both written by Hoover, are imprinted within Viramontes. She enjoys “All Your Perfects” because it talks about infertility and the despair women deal with when they want a child. Hoover’s book “Reminders of Him” talks about a mother fighting to earn her place in her child’s life when something tragic happened to the mother.

Viramontes has always had faith in The Bible. In the book, many people have made unforgivable mistakes, yet God is always there to help them get back on their feet and lead them to the right path.

“I will always look up to God when I need him, and ask him for help,” Viramontes said.

Viramontes (on the left) is with her 2 best friends. Tiana Ornales (on the right) and Daisy Rios (in the middle).

“My friends are my support system,” Viramontes added. “They are always there for me, always cheer me up when I’m feeling the lowest and overall they just get me.”

Tiana Ornales, another Freshman here at Buena, is one of Nazaret’s closest friends. Ornelas describes Viramontes as a confident and open-minded person.

“I admire all of her well-thoughted advice and listening skills,” Ornelas said.

Ornelas goes on to talk about the stress that Viramontes puts on her shoulders. At the end of the day, she gets through it and is always ready to start a new day. Ornelas has a love for Viramontes’ relatable humor.

“There are days our friend group will be on the floor dying of laughter because she will say something absolutely hilarious, yet relatable,” Ornelas said.

AVIDTeacher  Heather Arrambide sees Viramontes as a “hard worker” and a “determined student.” She also explained that even though Viramontes joined Avid later in the year, it feels like she’s been in the “Avid family” since the beginning of the year.