Masks: students respond to mask mandate lifting


Ventura Unified School District and Ventura County Public Health lifted the mask mandate for students and teachers March 14. Officially halfway through the school year, students will be able to choose if they want to continue wearing masks or if they would like to take them off. 

With the number of Covid-19 deaths and cases decreasing drastically over the past few weeks the CDC is allowing all states to take off their masks but it is still recommended for indoor facilities. Governor Gavin Newsom had announced March 1 that the public will not have to worry about wearing masks indoors as the mandate is being lifted, including schools.

With the mask mandate being lifted many students have different opinions on if they should keep their masks on or take them off. Junior Isabell Jennings wants to take her mask off. As for junior Madeline Cornell, she wants to keep her mask on. Jennings is leaning towards taking her mask off, but not right away. 

Jennings prefered to wait  and see how many people choose to take off their masks before she finally does. She also thinks that some kids will protest to keep the mask on. 

“I want to take it off but I’m just cautious,” Jennings said. “ I’ll just wait.” 

Jennings believes that at least three fourths of the school will choose to take their mask off, guessing that some people will take them off to cool down and get more air during class time. She also believes that the people who will continue to keep the mask on are the people who may have an older relative that is considered high risk or because they choose to keep the mask on for themselves and their own health. 

“I think a lot of people are [going to] keep their mask on, not [just] for themselves, but for somebody else too,” Jennings said. 


However, not everyone has the same thought process that Jennings has on this topic. Cornell would rather keep her mask on, but she does not consider herself one to judge others. Cornell knows some people that will be taking their masks off, no matter what. 

However, Cornell does believe that there will be slight differences between the two groups. She thinks it is a possibility for people to be respectful to others until they are behind closed doors, simply because some are tired of seeing people with masks.” 

With taking the mask off at school, everyone will have a different perspective of it. Half of the school will not take their mask off while the other half will. This can lead to students being disrespectful to one another due to their different choice, but so far most students do not have a problem with anyone taking their masks off or keeping it on.