Women’s history month celebrates fierce females across the globe

Fast facts about women and womens history month!

Fast facts about women and women’s history month!

While women continue to make history every second of every day, during the month of March we take time to remember and appreciate the vast contributions of females in the world. Our female ancestors have overcome the biggest obstacles in the past, and because of what they did, we are where we are now thanks to them.

English teacher Paulina Velasquez believesWomen’s History Month is very important. She plans to read multiple books by the end of this month that are all by female authors, or about women’s issues, to support women.

“I think it’s a good time to rethink about our legacy, and what we are bringing to the table, and how we are going to lead others,” Velasquez said.

The woman who has impacted Velasquez’s life the most is her mother, who she looks up to and finds to be inspiring. Her mother was from Mexico and moved to America when she was just in high school.

“She was working out in the orchards, she and my family were part of the boycott with Cesar Chavez,” Valesquez said. 

The Cesar Chavez movement was a movement for farm workers in the United States who wanted to improve their working and living conditions. It was a movement for the rights of agricultural workers. This is a history that she is very proud of, and she is glad to share it with anyone that asks. 

Math teacher Lauren Bedard believes that Women’s History Month is a good way to acknowledge things that women have accomplished throughout history. 

“I feel like the majority of credit for progress, arts, and education always goes to men,” Bedard said.  “So I think it’s a good way of making sure that there’s a lot of representation there” 

Bedard feels that as a woman, you constantly feel like you have to prove that you belong. She feels the need to work harder and show that she does belong. She is willing to do whatever it takes to fight for her spot.

“My grandma raised my mom by herself, she was a single mom her whole life. My mom was also a single mom for her life, most of the women in my family pretty much did everything on their own,” Bedard said. 

Bedard looks up to her mother because she’s strong and independent, and pushes herself to be like her mother as she herself continues to grow as a woman. Bedard thinks that women are capable of doing anything and everything.

“I feel the only obstacle in women’s way is the thought that women are any less capable than men, which is not true,” Bedard said. 

Freshman Mia Mendez also thinks that women are always underestimated, or always looked down on and which is something that greatly bothers her. She wants to be able to change that perspective of people who do think that. 

“Women are so powerful, but they are so looked down on and it’s really disappointing. Women are just as capable as men, and if not, then they are even more capable,” Mendez said.

Sophomore Darla Vargas thinks that being a woman is better than being a man, she is very proud to be a female and hopes to embrace it as much as she can. She continues to support females in everything they do, and is constantly giving out compliments to females. 

“I think women are the greatest thing on this earth, we’ve been through so much and regardless, we still continue to push another day,” Vargas said.

In the words of Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”