Bulldogs strike a comeback against the Tritons


Marisa Murphy

Buena’s infield talking mid-inning.

Pacifica and Buena both looked strong in their warmups for their baseball game . Both teams got ready for their tough game ahead. Pacifica went up to bat at the top of the first inning, but Buena started off strong with a big strikeout to the leadoff batter. The second batter up was also the pitcher for Pacifica, he put the barrel on the ball and hit a line drive to left center field to get the first hit of the game. The next two batters go down leaving him on first, sending Buena up to bat and go three up three down leaving the first inning scoreless.

Buena shut Pacifica down in their at bat during the second inning and held them to no score. Buena came up to bat in the second with a single from the second batter. Pacifica’s pitcher tried to pick him off at first but Buena’s runner ended up  stealing second base. With two outs and a runner on second, Buena had a big chance to score. Junior Ty Weeks came up to bat with a full 3-2 count, but the next pitch came and Weeks ripped a high fly ball to center field but it resulted in a fly out, almost a home run.

At the top of the third inning, Pacifica had runners on first and third base with two outs. Buena’s defense made a critical out to send it to the bottom of the third. Both teams showed good defense in the third and the fourth innings. 

In the fifth inning, Pacifica scored the first run of the game with an RBI single sending the runner from second base home. Buena’s defense was able to get it together and get the final outs of the inning. Right after Pacifica scored, Junior Camden Walker hit a single to get a rally going. Next up was Freshman Carter Kimble where he connected and hit a big RBI double to send Walker home from first and tie up the game. 

Pacifica came back up to bat in the sixth but Buena’s defense shut them down to hold them to just one run. Bottom of the sixth inning, Senior Jacob Martinez hits a huge double to start them off strong. Then Senior Nathan Silva followed with a base hit RBI single to take the commanding lead 2-1.

All Buena needed was three outs to secure the win. Buena got the first two batters out, only needing one more out to win the game. Sure enough they get the job done in style by striking out the last batter to win the game 2-1.