Suggestions for having an egg-stra special Easter weekend with family, friends

Here are some ideas you can do with friends and family this year for Easter

Daisy Rios, Staff writer

You know Easter is here when you walk in a store and see bunnies everywhere with an egg sign or the bunny shaped marshmallow Peeps. However, instead of just hiding eggs for Easter this year, here are some different ways to elevate your Easter to enjoy with friends and family. 

Have a BBQ:

It’s spring, try enjoying nature and get off social media for a day. Going outside is an opportunity for many activities for kids, adults and even teens. Have yourself a delicious meal with friends or family. It is a great opportunity to cook together and bond.

Another way of getting fresh air is enjoying your Easter meal outdoors. After being cooped up all winter, an Easter brunch, lunch or dinner while enjoying a nice scenery sounds like a real treat. Bring a blanket, speaker, snacks, board games, and any other  things to the picnic to have fun and get to know your friends and family better.

My mom would replace the jelly beans in the morning with lollipops, then we would have an Easter egg hunt. The chocolate and candy was always my favorite part

— Nikolas Jimenez

Play outside games: 

In addition to your Easter festivities, organize a handful of other games to play outdoors. For instance, turn a classic potato sack race into one that’s perfect for the occasion by hot gluing a little cotton ball on the back. It will look just like a bunny’s tail.

There is also corn hole. Parents love to get competitive with this game and have one on one games with their kids as well. You can decide how close, or how far you want cornhole boards, but it needs to be at least ten feet apart to be fair for each person. You can play in teams to make it a bit more challenging. 

Since it is Easter, why not also try to play egg and spoon race, you can paint the egg just the way you want for creativity. Kids playing this game can crack you up. They are extra precautious with the egg and take very slow steps, entertaining everyone.

Take a dip in the water:  

Around this of year time, the weather begins to warm. The pool is the perfect opportunity to play competitive water games such as Marco Polo, Coin Dive and Beach Ball Race. Grab your bathing suit and towel, and take a dip in the pool, beach, or lake. You can bring a beach ball and shovel to dig up friends at the beach if you want to as well. If you are visiting the lake then you can go hunting to see what animals you can find, like tadpoles and frogs. 

Each family may has their own unique traditions.  Freshman Nikolas Jimenez explained how he and his family would throw jelly beans in the grass out in the front yard, and in the morning his mom would go and replace the jelly beans with lollipops. 

My mom would replace the jelly beans in the morning with lollipops, then we would have an Easter egg hunt,” Jimenez said. “The chocolate and candy was always my favorite part.