Changes made spice up spring Food Faire


Julieta Garcia

Buena High school, Food Faire list happening 4/29 this Friday.

The second food faire is right around the corner, April 29. At the event, Buena clubs will be selling delicious foods to raise money. Throughout it all, the  ASB club committee is organizing a better way to run a food faire. 

Many students look forward to this hour-long lunch. Each club is responsible for selecting a food item to sell, and the money that is made is theirs to keep and use to accomplish their goals. It is a great way for clubs to bring Buena spirit and to raise money. 

But, this food faire might look a little different than the previous ones. Prices, change of location, diverse arrays of food, maps, and maybe even some customized aprons for students that are selling the food are all changes to the event. For example, the ASB club committee is planning to change the area where they sell the food. They are changing it from the quad to in front of the staff parking lot for the first time.

Along with this, they plan to have tables set up in an organized way to then make a map for students to locate what they want to eat and where that might be.

“It is going to be a nice picnic area for everyone to sit down and eat their food,” food fair organizer Logan Sylvester said.

Buena clubs will most likely be raising their prices on the food menu due to supplies and food price inflation. They hope for Buena students to participate as they improve their changes to benefit the students. 

“I look forward to supporting all Buena high school clubs,” Shpmore Isabella Mendez said.