Caleb Nerida spikes, dives his way into his senior year


Anthony Gose

Senior Caleb Nerida jumping up to spike the ball, in rivalry game against Ventura Highschool.

After not making  the boys basketball team in his freshman year, Caleb Nerida decided to take his talents to the other sport on the hardwood, Boys Volleyball. It is on the volleyball court where he made a name for himself that extended off the court and around campus. 

Freshman year, Nerida didn’t take volleyball seriously, as it was just a way to play a sport for Buena.

 “It was nothing serious, it was just for fun,” Nerida said,. “just having fun kept me playing volleyball.” 

Nerida’s sophomore season was off to a great start, however before they could really get into the season, COVID-19 sent shock waves through schools which cut the teams season short. However, his Junior and Senior year, he made  the Varsity team where he started and gave it his all for the team, it was these years where he took volleyball more seriously. 

“He just has that drive,” senior Matthew Rohde said. “He always stays after practices to work on his game, and help others, he’s the best hitter on our team.” 

Senior Caleb Nerida has been dominating for Buena’s boys volleyball team since his freshman year, and since then has been known as a mentor and a co/captain for the varsity team along with senior Jack Davidson. 

“He has contributed a lot to us improving in volleyball.” Rohde said. “He’s always pushing us to get better.” 

Nerida pushed his peers to help grow the team, and create chemistry. He believed it would make the game more fun, and help improve attendance. Nerida takes some credit for this and acknowledges his role in helping to keep classmates “up to date”. 

“I put the idea in their head,” Nerida said. “Soon it came down to them telling me they wanted to play.” 

Nerida isn’t only focused on the court, as he keeps his grades up in the classroom as well.

“I’ve always had good grades throughout high school,” Nerida said. “School comes before anything.” 

Nerida isn’t only just a great player, he is also a great friend. He has made many friends through his high school years, and most appreciate his presence. 

“Caleb is a really nice dude.” Rohde said. “From the time I’ve spent with him, he’s super down to earth and a fun guy to be around.”

“Caleb has been with me through it all,” Senior Anthony Gose said, “I really could not ask for a better person to call a true friend.”

Nerida already has his life after high school planned as he committed to Cal State Long Beach to continue his schooling in high education.