OPINION: America needs to step up in order to provide and keep the children of the country safe


Kimberly Solis

A family enters the United States for all it gives. Liberty, freedom and independence.

Kimberly Solis, Section Editor

America symbolizes liberty, freedom and independence, but in the last few weeks, we have not seen our country live up to those ideals. America wants women to have children, but we cannot adequately feed them or ensure their safety at school. As a country, we need to step up in order to ensure their safety and provide for them.

Parents make decisions together in order to provide what they believe is best for their children. Seeing as though America is making choices and decisions for the nation as a whole, they are like fathers. As fathers of this country, America should pay for the medical expenses, provide food, and a safe environment because the least a mother can have is security for bringing a child into the world.

Some might argue that if the United States were to pay for prenatal care, they might allocate funding from other areas, like the military. Which the United States heavily values. Take Canada for example. According to Vittana, Canada’s universal health care amounts up to 40 percent of their governments annual budget. Without strong management skills, the high costs could exceed the budget, having the government take funding from other areas. 

Universal prenatal care would give mothers the comfort in knowing that they would be able to feed her child and bring them into a world where she will not have to fear for their safety like many mothers have been doing in the past few months.

The baby formula shortage occurred in February, when one of the largest suppliers of baby formula in the United States, recalled multiple leading brands causing “an immense shortage” as said by the Wall Street Journal.

Ironically, just three months later, Politico leaked the Supreme Court’s majority draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade making abortion a state issue instead of a federal issue. In that same month, 11 days later, the east side of Buffalo New York had a mass shooting in the supermarket of a black neighborhood. 10 days later, Uvalde Texas Robb Elementary school, was the victim of another mass shooting.

Two shootings, 10 days apart, 32 victims. Here is the list of names from both shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. Say their names.

For being a first world country, what has happened recently is insane. As American citizens we must prioritize doing something about this. We need to push for solutions and figure out a way to feed infants. Figure out ways to keep children and adults safe in schools.