5 fun ideas to kick off summer break


Daisy Rios

Bright, and fun activities for the summer instead of being on media!

Daisy Rios, Staff writer

As the final days of school continue to pass, Summer is almost here and the California sun shines brightly down on our faces. If you plan on staying out in the sun once school ends but do not know what to do with all your free time,  then this article is for you.Continue reading for some easy and fun activities that get you outside and can be enjoyed with family or friends. 

DIY slip and slide 

Channel the inner child inside you by  creating your own slip ‘n slide. All you have to do is throw down a couple of waterproof tarps and stake them down at the sides. Once that is done, turn on the sprinklers directed towards the tarps, and let the fun begin. Bonus points if you set it up on a downward slope to slide down on. 

Host a bake off 

But not everyday can the sun shine brightly, for the days that are overcast and even raining call up your friends and challenge them to a bake off.  A friendly competition where you can only use the ingredients you have on hand, or go for a quick trip to your local market that does not take any longer than 20 minutes to pick ingredients.  It is a great way to pass time and no matter who wins or loses you get a tasty sweet treat, either your own or a friends. 

Grab existing art supplies and paint some nature

When framed, just about anything looks good. Take out those art supplies, even if it is only pencil and paper, and go outside to create what you see. Whether that be sketching, painting, or coloring, let your inner artist shine. 

Camp in your backyard

Does your family have camping supplies laying around but barely get any use? Who says you have to go off into the wilderness to take out that sleeping bag or blow up a mattress to have s’mores? Especially when you can use your own backyard, invite your friends, make it a family bonding night, either way it will be a fun night.  And there is no judgment if you end up sneaking back inside for bed. 

Plant a garden 

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard that gets decent sunlight, planting a garden is perfect if you are not afraid to get dirty and are looking for a cheap yet rewarding activity.  It will keep you busy all season long, and bonus, you will enjoy fresh, delicious produce, too. No backyard? No problem! Tons of herbs and veggies,like tomatoes, peppers, carrots and basil,do really well in containers or jars of dirt, just make sure to keep them in the sunlight. 

Freshman Jade Banuelos said that she is going to be going out of state with some family this summer. She’s never been out of state so this trip will be a big one for her. Banuelos said that usually her family has traveled during the summer. One time she went to San Francisco and camped as well.

“When I travel to Ohio, I really want to swim. Go to a pool or just get in the water. Even though I’m not the best swimmer.” Banuelos said.