Students respond to 8:30 start time for 2022/23 school year


2022-2023 bell schedule

Tatiana Hernandez, Staff Writer

And in a blink of an eye, we end the 2021-2022 school year just like that. Next year, we start with a new and improved schedule due to the new California mandate. Gavin Newsom made this mandate because studies show that most teens are sleep deprived. We start the school day at 8:30 a.m. and end the school day at 3:35 p.m. and on Fridays, we will start at 9:30 a.m. Many students appreciate that they will be able to sleep in a little longer, and hopefully their brains appreciate that time too.

Sophomore Marissa Juarez thinks it is a good and bad thing that we start later next year; Bad because she feels that a majority of her day is getting taken from her. However, when she puts herself in others shoes, she sees how starting 30 minutes later could be beneficial.

“It can help others who might be constantly late because of their parents who start work at 8:30 but don’t want to leave early,” Juarez said. 

A big supporter of the later start time is Sophomore Lelyan Touma. She thinks it can benefit the way students work and how much effort they put into their work. She notices that a lot of students are always sleeping or dozing off in first period due to lack of sleep. 

“I think this is a really good thing for the students and myself because we will be getting at least 30 minutes of extra sleep,” Touma said. “Our brains will be a little more prepared.” 

Touma believes there are more pros than cons for the mandate, the only con she states is that students might accidentally sleep in and not attend school.

Although there are many students who think starting later is better, there are some who disagree. Sophomore Angelica Miguel Carlos strongly disagrees with starting later, she wishes the schedule could stay the same. 

“I don’t want to have to get out at 3:35, I feel like that takes up most of my day, and I won’t have time to be able to do what I want,” Miguel Carlos said. 

There are many pros and cons to this new mandate, but overall students should get used to it, and some opinions may change throughout the next school year. Hopefully, we do better in school next year than in previous years.