Students shine bright at Starry Night homecoming dance


Daisy Rios

Bright lights shine throughout Buena High School quad as students spend their energy on dancing and having fun.

Nazaret Viramontes, Staff Writer

The Starry Night Homecoming dance, which took place Sept. 24 in the quad, was a dream for many attendees. According to the ASB homecoming committee, an estimate of 900 students were in attendance and they danced the night away.  

“I thought it was fun, but it was really crowded,” senior Kenzie Hebert said. “The dance circle did get a little insane but overall it was great.” 

This year’s homecoming dance was planned by a team of students from the ASB, including Hebert, helping from behind the scenes to create a starry night. 

“The planning this year was thoughtful. The ASB team put a lot of thought into many things,” Hebert said. “But I don’t think that anything could have prepared for how crazy teenagers get.” 

But all dances have their highs and lows. Hebert mentioned some of the lows included the flashing lights which overstimulated many people, and the overpopulation of people on the dance floor. 

“This year’s dance was better because [it] was held at the quad. It was [more] open, and the DJ was better,” sophomore Daisy Rios said. “Last year the DJ kept stopping the music constantly [and] at the most random times.” 

“Halfway through the dance more people started joining in and dancing. The atmosphere was louder, [more] ecstatic and exciting.

— Emil Hernandez

Many students who had similar experiences have said that this year’s dance was an improvement. Although it didn’t appear as a starry night to all, it did make students go wild during the array of songs during the night.

   “I liked the games where they were projected,” junior Emil Hernandez said. “It was awesome. Same goes to the connect four and bean bag toss games.”

As the dance music echoed throughout the entire school, everyone had become wrapped up in different aspects of the dance. While some were on the dance floor, others were at the photo booth station taking pictures or playing games by the blue tables.

“Halfway through the dance more people started joining in and dancing. The atmosphere was louder, [more] ecstatic and excited, ” Hernandez said. “I think everyone at the dance made it more fun.”