Buena Clubs welcome students at annual Club Day


Mary Ward-Zaragoza & Rory Hermosillo, Staff Writer

Eager students packed the quad, lining up at various tables where all of Buena’s clubs gathered to get new members. Sep. 30, Club Day is an annual event that gives an opportunity for students to learn about the clubs at Buena and ask about their experiences .

Students have a diverse range of clubs they can join, including community service through clubs such as Key Club, to Writers Inc for creative writing. Clubs offer students opportunities to try new things, explore interests, meet new people, and they can even be helpful with adding extracurriculars for college applications.

“Joining a club is not only great for students to bond with each other, but also good for them to get the chance to bond with teachers outside of their classes,” Junior Sabrina Friend said. “Students also get the chance to talk to teachers from an individual perspective.”

— Junior Sabrina Friend

There were a total of 15 stations, all with decorated paper banners to introduce their club, while some even added some props other than just a banner. Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) had members giving pride stickers and flags while the Science Club had members demonstrating different chemical formulas and their reactions at their booth.

German Club is often popular with students. President of the club senior Heidi Garcilazo is eager for students to become involved in meaningful experiences revolving German Culture and to create “lifelong friendships”.

“Learning a new language expands your knowledge on so many different perspectives.” Garcilazo said.

Another language club offered is French Club, where members are able to learn about the French language, culture, and listen to French music.

“[We are] helping bring a different culture to the United States,” senior member Oscar Gracia said.

Clubs give students the opportunity to be involved in their community and amp up their resumes for college California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is one such club. Students in this club have the opportunity to clean up trash around the school’s campus, as well as volunteer as teachers assistants. CSF gathers during the BARK period to volunteer with even the smallest tasks to improve their school community.

“The bond we have within the club and putting that out into the wider community have dedicated our time to improve in the school community,” Senior Xavier Ramirez said.

Students who are curious about joining one of the many clubs offered at Buena can speak with a club advisor, a club member, or ask their counselor.