Mr. Fung calculates a bright future in teaching


Jon Miller

Johnny Fung leading his fifth period math one class.

Jon Miller, Staff Writer

Standing 5-foot-11 and wearing a button up shirt and a tie, Johnny Fung, one of Buena’s newest math teachers, knows how to implement learning in a fun and impactful way since he understands how hard it is for students to stay focused in class. 

“I was the kid in the back of the class who had a hard time completing assignments,” Fung said. 

Fung’s students attest to his ability to engage students, “It was difficult for me to stay on top of my work last year, Mr. Fung always encouraged me, and helped make learning more fun,” said senior Brody Padilla, who had Fung as a student teacher last year.

“It was difficult for me to stay on top of my work last year, Mr. Fung always encouraged me, and helped make learning more fun.”

— Senior Brody Padilla

“I try my hardest to keep students engaged during class, so we can get as much done as we can,” Fung said. “ If a student is having trouble it is much easier to recognize.” 

In his first month of teaching, Fung realized students have a complicated life between juggling sports, jobs, and the constant overwhelming feeling of stress. He has made it one of his main goals to make sure students are not feeling beat down from his class.

Prior to his teaching career Fung, was a tutor which made him consider teaching as a profession. 

“I used to teach history to kids in China through zoom, and it was difficult,” Fung said.

 That was not the only reason Fung switched to teaching, while he enjoyed the one on one style of tutoring, he was ready for something new. 

“With tutoring there is no immersion, by having a class I’m able to build a community.” Fung said. Fung comes from a family of teachers, so he knew what he was getting himself into when he started teaching.

“My mother taught math, and my granddad taught science,” Fung said.

Fung has been extremely adaptive with working with different sets of students.

“Every class is different, I am noticing what works in first period, does not always work in second period,” Fung said. 

Being a teacher does come with its perks. “I never thought by counting down from three, I would have a whole class listening to me.” Fung said. 

Ventura County is not unfamiliar to Fung, having attended Canyon High School, in Santa Clarita, and University of Santa Barbara. When he got the opportunity to come to Buena, he took it, knowing that he’d be close to home. While his old high school campus was relatively small, his first impression on Buena was that the campus was much bigger in comparison. 

 Fung does his best to connect with students that felt the same as him in high school.

“I try to be understanding, and just remind students of their worth.” Fung said.